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Alumni news and profiles

  • Lessons in love

    Ashlee Giblett and Matthew Prosper first met each other in 2005 at the cast reading of the mid-year Hayman Theatre production. Seven years on, they tied the knot.

  • Why travel is a great career move

    Getting international experience is one of the best things you can do for your career. Just ask the nomadic Peeush Tomar.

Upcoming events

  • To celebrate the outstanding contribution of Curtin academic staff to raising Curtin’s share of positive media over the past 12 months; staff are encouraged to attend the 2016 Curtin University Media Awards.

  • Jim is an ‘accidental activist’ who was the lead plaintiff in the successful charge to achieve marriage equality in the US after making a promise to his dying partner to change the world.

    Jim will share insights from the epicentre of the legal case for marriage equality and new book, LOVE WINS, followed by a Q&A session, light refreshments and book signing.

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