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Creative Conversations

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Creative Conversations is the inaugural event of the China Australia Writing Centre (CAWC).

Event details

Join us for China Australia Writing Centre (CAWC) inaugural event Creative Conversations. This annual event brings together writers, activists, poets, novelists, journalists and readers in conversations about the experience and the craft of writing across cultures.

Saturday 10 September 2016
9.45 - 5.00pm
Tim Winton Lecture Theatre, 213.104
$30 per person, day pass

Presented by author Liz Byrski, as Director of CAWC, Kate Evans and Amanda Smith supported by ABC Radio National, Creative Conversations brings together Australian and Chinese writers.

There will be four panels:

9.45 – 11.15am Panel One: The Novel Through Time

The impact of industrialisation on writers and writing is apparent in the literature of the times; the 19th century novel both documents and illustrates this impact most significantly in the work of regional writers and their depictions of changing regional lives. What can this historical background tell us about the impact of late 20th and 21st century globalisation on contemporary writers and writing?  How might it impact on the work of regional and indigenous writers and how is it reflected in their creative work?

Featuring Miles Franklin winner Kim Scott, Tan Zheng and Alison Lumsden

11.45 – 1.15pm Panel Two: The Power and the Passion: Writing from the Heart

What is at work when we read something that brings us to tears of joy or sadness, touches our deepest emotions, and speaks to us at an intimate level? How do writers reach readers in this most profound of ways, and what is the impact of that heartfelt writing on the writers themselves? Whether writing of love and beauty, sadness or joy, inhumanity or the deepest of human connections what does it take to put your most profound emotions into words?

Featuring poets Lucy Dougan, Nicholas Wong, memoirist Rachel Robertson and short story writer Isabelle Li

2.00 – 3.15pm Panel Three: What is it About Crime?

In print and ebooks, television series, the movies and in our new 21st century obsession with streaming television, crime fiction and true crime stories top the popularity polls. So why do we love to read about murders, serial killers, gangs and mafia bosses, violence and cunning plots? Are we hungry for sensation or do we seek the reassurance of a story that provides resolution and restores belief in justice? In this panel three successful crime writers discuss why we love crime, and why and how they choose to write it.

Featuring justice expert He Jiahong and crime novelists Leigh Straw and David Whish-Wilson

3.45 – 5.00pm Panel Four: Making Waves: Writing that Challenges the Establishment

What happens when writers come up against the law, the government, accepted versions of history or politics, or other powerful vested interests? What pressure is brought to bear on them when they speak their minds or reveal new and challenging evidence, interpretations or opinions? A lawyer, a historian and a journalist, discuss the rewards and the risks of participating in public discourse and how they deal with the results.

Featuring historian Frank Bongiorno, journalist Wendy Bacon and justice expert He Jiahong



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