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Curtin Open Day

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Explore the Curtin campus, learn about courses, speak to lecturers and current students, participate in activities and have lots of fun.

Sunday 6 August 2017
10 am to 4 pm
Curtin University, Bentley Campus

Internet sensations ‘How Ridiculous’ will be at Curtin Open Day with a huge custom-built basketball board game.

Open Day is your chance to explore the Curtin campus, learn about courses, speak to lecturers and current students, participate in activities and have lots of fun.

Things you must see:

  • How Ridiculous

    75 million views can’t be wrong

    How Ridiculous are world renowned for stunts that include shooting a basketball hoop from a height of 180 metres, achieving a Guinness World record for the longest golf putt ever and, curiously, catching a fish with an iPhone.
    Register here to skip the queue for their basketball game on the day

  • Oculus Rift

    A virtual reality experience

    The Oculus Rift virtual reality system will immerse you in a virtual world. Simply put on the head set and be ‘transported’ to new environments, like underwater shipwrecks and industrial workplaces.

  • AFLW panel discussion

    Women, identity, football and education

    The introduction of women’s AFL has seen an unprecedented surge in girls picking up the Sherrin throughout the country. Join AFLW players in a panel discussion about women, football, identity and education.

  • Intelligent robots

    Meet Baxter: the new generation of industrial robots

    Come and see our university trading room featuring live financial news, stock boards showing real-time share prices, and 16 dual-screen computer terminals running Bloomberg Professional software.

  • Anatomage table

    3D Life-size virtual bodies

    View the most technologically advanced visualisation system for anatomy education – the Anatomage Table. Touch, move, rotate, enlarge and slice virtual bodies, which are generated from real patient cadavers.

  • Luxury Branding and marketing

    Discover the latest technology

    Discover how sophisticated technology can analyse how we think and feel about brands and learn the implications. As more brands compete for our attention, it’s important to understand how we react to advertising and make choices.

  • Fun Zone

    Food and activities for kids of all ages

    The Fun Zone is always a favourite, with activities like a Kombi van photo booth, human soccer table, animal farm, bouncy castle, circus workshop and stiltwalkers.

See what Open Day is all about!

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    Online courses and MOOCS can help the understanding of physics for their production quality for example. Just think about the resources which are beyond the reach of the average teacher. Kids get turned off by grey, old physics so some higher quality materials should lead to better science engagement, something I’m all for!

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