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Food trucks @ Curtin

This week’s food truck schedule is:

Ice-cream van on Curtin campus

Monday 29 August

  • Hexagon – Bollygood Foods, Greek Streats, Big Els Latin American Fusion
  • South Henderson – Higher Grounds
  • Creative Quarter – The Pink Van

Tuesday 30 August

  • Atkinson Forum – The Melt Hub
  • Hexagon – Bollygood Foods, Dal Pizzaiolo, Greek Streats
  • South Henderson – Higher Grounds
  • Creative Quarter –  The Pink Van
  • Technology Park – Spunky Spud

Wednesday 31 August

  • Atkinson Forum – The Melt Hub
  • Hexagon – The Pasta Truck, Dal Pizzaiolo, Comida Do Sul
  • South Henderson – Higher Grounds
  • Creative Quarter –  The Pink Van

Thursday 1 September

  • Atkinson Forum – The Melt Hub
  • Hexagon – The Pasta Truck, Miam Miam a Bite of France, Comida Do Sul
  • South Henderson – Higher Grounds
  • Creative Quarter –  The Pink Van
  • Technology Park – Sorry no food truck van today!

Friday 2 September

  • Hexagon – Spunky Spud, Big Els Latin American Fusion
  • South Henderson – Higher Grounds
  • Creative Quarter – The Pink Van
  • Technology Park – Sorry no food truck today!

**Want to visit our food trucks but don’t want the hassle of parking?  Jump on to the shuttle bus between 11am-2pm on this route!

Registrations to be a part of the Food Truck program in 2016 have now closed.  EOI’s will open again in late November 2016, please check back to this page for more information.

Our Food Truck program:

Big Els Latin American Fusion (v)(gf), Bollygood Foods (v)(vg)(gf)(halal), Boost Juice (v), Comida do Sul (v)(vg)(gf), Dal Pizzaiolo (v)(vg)(gf), Greek Streats (Georges Kebabs), That Greek Food Truck (v)(vg)(gf)(halal), Higher Grounds, Juice Face (v)(vg)(gf), Meast (v)(vg)(gf)(halal), Miam Miam a bite of France (v), Miss Lucy Delicious Foods (halal), Nicely Spiced (v)(vg), Paratha n Pakora (v)(vg)(gf), Pauly K’s Kitchen (v), Pepper (steak) Tree (v)(gf), Spunky Spud (v)(gf), The Melt Hub (v)(gf), The Pasta Truck, The Pink Van, The Spanish Casa (v)(vg), The Wicked Chilli (v)(vg)(gf)(halal), Treacle Treat (v), Ubuntu Ice Cream Co (v)(vg)(gf), Uncle Chops Smokehouse (gf), Wassup Dog (v)


FoodTrucks Poster_2016-1

If you have any questions about the food, let us know and we’ll try to find out for you!

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Place Activation @ Curtin

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This story has 37 comments

  1. Kyle says:


    We have a food van which we are keen to get involved at Curtin. Who can we speak with about the products we offer and registering our interest for Semester 1 next year.


  2. Rochelle says:

    Can you please promptly update the Park’d website?! in particular the numerous new food trucks descriptions and the new locations?
    It gets very frustrating not being able to find the food van you want or to not know what a food van delivers in choices without walking all over campus and taking up a whole lunch break to find out you don’t want it.

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Rochelle, the new vans and their descriptions have been added to the list of vans and Atkinson Forum has been added to the locations map. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the vans in these comments or on the Park’d Facebook page. – Emily

  3. Eleanor Morgan says:

    Hi. I don’t see the map that has the food stall locations on it anymore. Where is Creative Corner? And the Henderson Hexagon? And the Sculpture Garden? Please point me in the right direction!


    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi Eleanor – we have now placed a map on the page hopefully this helps! Creative Corner is the old Speakers Corner, Henderson Hexagon is right in the middle of campus outside building 109 and Sculpture Garden is next to building 402.

      • Eleanor Morgan says:

        Thank you, the map is very useful :-)!

  4. Adam Nevin says:

    Great tasting cheese melt with jalapenos from Guerilla Foods today, as long as you don’t get offput by the accompanying corn chips being thrown on the plate by the guy’s bare hand and not his gloved hand.

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi Adam! Just letting you know I will pass this comment on to The Melt Hub to ensure the gloved hand is used! Please note this was not Guerrilla Foods.

      • Adam Nevin says:

        Melt Hub indeed. My mistake.

  5. Sarah Wright says:

    Thank you for having the food trucks come over to Technology Park, there are very limited food options over here. Hopefully if the crowd gets big enough you might be able to send one over every day.

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      You are welcome Sarah! Please help spread the word 🙂 We will be doing a flier drop soon and looking to get signage over there as well. Hope you don’t mind if we send you a flier to post up in the staff kitchen room!

  6. Clara says:

    Hi there,

    What time are the food trucks around until?

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      All trucks should be on campus until 3pm.

  7. Marko says:

    The Pasta Truck is nowhere to be seen in Technology Park today. Not angry, just disappointed…

  8. Lindsay says:

    Is it me or is the Pasta truck often not where it is advertised to be?! Today we went to the hexagon to go there and there was only Greek Streats, (where I got a lovely kebab instead!) This has happened before with this van?

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi Lindsay – unfortunately three of our trucks didn’t turn up today because of potential hail, I update as they tell me but sometimes I am not told. Glad you enjoyed the kebab!

  9. Maddie says:

    I love the food truck initiative, it’s fantastic! The Melt Hub is a particular favourite – best sandwiches EVER.

  10. Renato Perera says:

    Best 10$ I’ve spent on food here, at The Melt Hub. Delicious pork and potato sandwich.

  11. Anna says:

    The Melt Hub cannot be beaten! Delicious sandwich every time – vegetarian options too.

  12. Rachael says:

    Hi – what has happened to this week’s schedule? It’s a bit early to be planning next week’s meals…I still have to make it through Friday!

  13. Cara says:

    The list has been updated too early and now I can’t see what trucks are on campus today! 🙁

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Sorry Cara we have an enthusiastic intern working for us today! Won’t happen again please go to our facebook page to see today’s roster!

  14. Blake says:

    Hi guys, sorry couldn’t make it to Welcome Dinner tonight (working). How did it go? Many attend?

  15. Adam Nevin says:

    Unfortunately, one of the two staff working Meast today was without any “pleases” or “thank yous” when taking and delivering my order whatsoever. If her excuse for this behaviour is that it was a busy period then other food trucks’ staff do the courtesies better, be it at peak hour or not. Look no further than The Melt Hub in my food truck experience. Despite it being a very yummy Chicken Arab-style I regretfully will be choosing other food trucks in future.

    • Talei says:

      Hi Adam
      Thank you for the feedback I will make sure it gets passed on to Meast.

    • Meast - Middle Eastern Street Food says:

      Hi Adam,
      So sorry to receive the feedback from you. We have a new staff member in training so it was likely she is still a bit nervous getting used to customer service in the food truck. We always try to have a smile on our faces and only ever want the customer to have an amazing experience and it really saddens us that this wasn’t the case. I will speak to the staff member in question to ensure this doesn’t happen again and really do hope this experience doesn’t put you off from coming back to us in future.

  16. Marko says:

    Hey guys, has the Technology Park food truck location changed at all? I went up there today and the Melt Hub was nowhere to be seen! Happened on Tuesday as well, no Pasta Truck… 🙁

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi Marko
      Sorry I do try to get the word out via email and facebook but it’s hard to find everyone. Tuesday the Pasta Truck burnt out his clutch and Thursday The Melt Hub read the roster incorrectly. Hope we can fix this up for next week.

  17. Nicole says:

    No food trucks in tech park this week? Whats going on? Its been a bit rough the last two weeks.

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi Nicole – Spunky Spud will be there on Tuesday! Unfortunately as it is a student-free week many trucks use this time to service their vehicles. It has been rough the past few weeks and we have been disappointed, it is a difficult location to fill as the sales are not high and we are very grateful to the wonderful trucks who do turn up. Anything you could do to rally the troops or any advice you have on promoting the food trucks in Tech Park please let us know. Moving forward; Spunky Spud are now permanently at Tech Pk on Tuesdays and Streat Eats will be back regularly on Fridays from the 9th October.

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