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Park’d Food Trucks @ Curtin

Check out our new food options on campus this week!

Ice-cream van on Curtin campus

This week’s schedule:

Monday 27 June

  • 401 Forecourt – The Wicked Chilli
  • Henderson Hexagon – Nicely Spiced, The Pasta Truck
  • Creative Quarter – The Pink Van, Greek Streats

Tuesday 28 June

  • 401 Forecourt – The Wicked Chilli
  • Henderson Hexagon -Nicely Spiced, The Pasta Truck
  • Creative Quarter – The Pink Van, Greek Streats
  • Technology Park (1 Turner Ave Carpark) – Mojito Cantina

Wednesday 29 June

  • 401 Forecourt – The Spanish Casa, The Wicked Chilli, Guerilla Foods
  • Henderson Hexagon – Nicely Spiced, Spunky Spud
  • Henderson Court – Uncle Chops Smokehouse
  • Creative Quarter – The Pink Van, The Melt Hub

 Thursday 30 June

  • 401 Forecourt – The Spanish Casa, Guerilla Foods
  • Henderson Hexagon – The Pasta Truck, Spunky Spud
  • Henderson Court – Uncle Chops Smokehouse
  • Creative Quarter – The Pink Van, The Melt Hub
  • Technology Park (1 Turner St, Carpark) – The Wicked Chilli

Friday 1 July

  • 401 Forecourt – The Spanish Casa, Guerilla Foods
  • Henderson Hexagon – The Pasta Truck, Spunky Spud
  • Creative Quarter – The Pink Van, The Melt Hub
  • Technology Park (1 Turner St, Carpark) – Greek Streats

Registrations to be a part of the Food Truck program in 2016 have now closed.  EOI’s will open again on 2 January 2017.

The food truck and cart line-up for 2016 has been announced and what a large variety we have!

Banana Leaf Filipino Cuisine, Banh Mizzle (v)(gf), Big Els Latin American Fusion (v)(gf), Bollygood Foods (v)(vg)(gf), Boost Juice, Comida do Sul (v)(vg)(gf), Dal Pizzaiolo (v)(vg)(gf), Greek Streats (Georges Kebabs), Greek Street Grill (v)(vg)(gf), Guerilla Foods, Higher Grounds, Juice Face (v)(vg)(gf), Meast (v)(vg)(gf), Miam Miam a bite of France (v), Miss Lucy Delicious FoodsMojito Cantina – Street Food To Go (v)(vg)(gf), Nicely Spiced (v)(vg), Paratha n Pakora (v)(vg)(gf), Pauly K’s Kitchen (v), Pepper (steak) Tree (v)(gf), Spunky Spud (v)(gf), The Melt Hub (v)(gf), The Pasta Truck, The Pink Van, The Spanish Casa (v)(vg), The Wicked Chilli (v)(vg)(gf), Treacle Treat (v), Ubuntu Ice Cream Co (v)(vg)(gf), Uncle Chops Smokehouse (gf), Wassup Dog (v)


FoodTrucks Poster_2016-1

If you have any questions about the food, let us know and we’ll try to find out for you!

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Park’d Performers @ Curtin

Find out what performers are coming to campus this month, by visiting our Park’d Performances @ Curtin page.

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This story has 182 comments

  1. Kathleen Prater says:

    Great idea! How about some more international street food as well?

    • Melissa says:

      Ooooh! Like a bahn mi bus, or mee… Mmmm… Now I’m hungry!

      • Claire says:

        I’d love a bahn mi thit bus yummmmmm.

        • Yappies says:

          Waterford Bakehouse sell BMT and they’re huge!

      • Tran says:

        I’m starting my Vietnamese Street food trailer which is complete in a couple months and trying to get into Curtin.. And yes I have Banh Mi.. 3 types actually.. Traditional, grilled pork and lemongrass chicken

        • Emily Lloyd says:

          Hi Tran, that sounds very yummy! While we currently have a full contingent of food trucks, we encourage you to register your details using our expression of interest form.

          • Tran says:

            Awesome thank you. Will apply as soon as everything is ready and hopefully there’s an opening for me

        • Saswati Pal says:


          I am Saswati from Bunbury Multicultural Group.

          I was just wondering if you would like to have a stall at our annual Festival The South West Multicultural Festival (previously known as the Multicultural Night Under the Stars)

          In 2016, to mark the ten year anniversary of the popular event, Bunbury Multicultural Group (BMG) will celebrate with a whole day festival. Free to the public, the Festival will celebrate the multiculturalism of the South West and the contribution to the region made by its culturally diverse communities.

          3500 people attended the event in 2015 and with a whole day event in 2016 (to be attended by a high profile sporting personality) we expect to double these numbers.

          It will be held on Saturday 27th February 2016, at Bicentennial Square, Bunbury, the Festival’s program will consist of cooking and sporting demonstrations, performances, art and craft displays, interactive workshops, as well as food and information stalls, culminating in an evening of dance and music that is synonymous with the popular Multicultural Night.

          If you are interested in holding a food, information or market stall at the Festival, please fill out the forms return to with a copy of your Registration of Food Business and your current Public Liability insurance.

          Please note that food stalls incur a $200 fee; Market stalls $50 and Information stalls a $15 fee. Please do not send any payment with your application. As space at the Festival ground is limited, you will be invoiced after committee approval.

          Food and product stalls who have their own ABN/ACN are required to provide their own public liability insurance. Information and other stalls may purchase insurance coverage from the BMG for an additional $10 fee .

          If you have any questions at all, I can be contacted on the details below.

          Warm Regards
          Saswati Pal
          Chairperson of Bunbury Multicultural Group
          Email –
          Phone – 043 9189 391

        • Leesa says:

          How can I contact you? We are interested in having food vans regularly on Friday nights with the organisation I am involved in. Thanks.

          • Emily Lloyd says:

            Hi Leesa, please email for more information regarding the Park’d Food Truck program. – Emily

          • Shimlin says:


            We are called Spicy Bite, an authentic indian food stall where you’ll find home style vegetable and meat curries, chapati, paratha, naan bread and many more indian traditional food. I’m interested to become part of your Parked event. We’ve registered online already and have the annual food permit from council too. Please advise.

          • Talei Howell-Price says:

            Hi Shimlin, thank you for your interest! Registrations to be a part of the Food Truck/Cart program in 2016 have closed, and participants have already been selected and notified. EOI’s will open again on 2 January 2017 so please keep an eye on this page, although I will e-mail you directly to let you know. Food stall applications for our markets are still open, please register here.

          • David Johnson says:

            Hi Leesa- I have friends who run a family owned ice-cream and coffee van. I’m not to sure what type of food vans you are interested in having or the type of event but can you please keep in mind my close friends business if you do require food trucks. Peter the owner can be contacted on 0438948279 or emailed at They also have a website which is and their facebook page is Thankyou. Kind Regards David Johnson

      • Pia says:

        Simply Delicious sell banh mi

  2. Jackie says:

    This is a fantastic idea! I would love to see some international options in the coming weeks.

  3. Judith says:

    What about coming to Tech Park?

    • Kathryn Peckham says:

      yes we have almost no options over here….. 🙁

  4. carol says:

    The food truck initiative is fantastic. I agree with other comments that it would be great to have more international flavours thrown into the midst that would also cater for the culturally diverse Curtin population.

  5. Gerald says:

    Is there such a thing as a soup truck? Or a roast dinner truck? International flavours would be great but I really want some western style warm foods for the colder months ahead.

    • Rach says:


      And pasta which is Italian so technically ‘international’.

  6. Digital Media Unit says:

    Hi guys, for those of you asking about international food, we have Japanese dumplings and Italian pizza on the way (ok, so pizza might not be all that exotic, but it’s tasty) as well as French, German and Turkish food the following week. And we’re still searching! If you know of any good international pop-ups, let us know!

    • Joanne M'Souli says:

      Hi we are interested in introducing an exotic Moroccan Themed food van. If you would like to contact me if we can be added to your international selection. I can forward you our menu and I have a few other questions regarding the sites. Thank you

      • Emily Lloyd says:

        Hi Joanne, we currently have a full contingent of food trucks. Please complete our expression of interest form so that we have your details on file. – Emily

  7. Texas Pride says:

    Great idea. Works all over the world promoting quality fresh food with lots of international options. However, why such restricted hours with no time on the weekends? Most people I know that would like to attend (spend money, bring other people, etc) work M-F 9 – 5.

  8. Penalope Kelly says:

    can you please list this weeks vendors and locations. trying to locate Jumplings for today. help please

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Penalope – all done, but we’re afraid you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for Jumplings!

  9. Adam Richards says:

    I went to Miss Tartufo and found the coffee tasteless with burnt milk. The ice cream is ok but had pieces of ice/ frost suggesting it had previously defrosted?? Not good

  10. Penny says:

    can you please list this weeks vendors and locations

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Whoops, sorry Penny – done now!

  11. Penny says:

    no food vans at the locations mentioned above today, are they all on holidays?

  12. Naomi Drysdale says:

    Hi there, love this whole idea! Just wondering also, how would one become involved in this? I don’t have a food truck, it’s more of a food cart – with a simple, healthy tasty snack – and cheap too! Is it possible to join the foodie fun of Park’d at Curtin?

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Naomi, we’ve forwarded your question to the organiser.

      • Liz. says:

        Hi, how can I get my food truck involved involved?

  13. Penny says:

    can you please put a sample menu of the food vans, so customers have an idea of what is available or a description of what they offer.

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Penny, great idea – we’ve added descriptions of each van under the map above.

  14. Michelle says:

    I am loving the food vans, great job Curtin!

  15. Ellen says:

    Hi there, love this food vans ideas! im the event management student in CBS, and currently we have assessment about how to run a food event and need to do the survey from the event organizer. May i have a contact with the organiser to get more information about this event? Plz!!!

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Sure Ellen, no problem – we’ll get in touch with you today.

  16. Pei Shan Rebecca Kiew says:

    I love the presence of this trucks. So much more choices now and its friendly to my wallet! =D

    Just wondering if this pop up truck will be continued next semester.. I have not done trying everything yet!

  17. Jurgen says:

    my wife and I are building a food van to sell our Belgian Gourmet products: mainly waffles, ice cream and chocolates (perlines/pralines) but later on also belgian sausages, coffee and Belgian Fries (the original, genuine potato chips).
    We were woundering what it takes to be allowed to park our van on Curtin University Campus ground.
    Can someone eplain via email please ?
    Also, feel free to let us know if anyone would be interested in the above food on the campus.
    Thx in advance
    Jurgen & Annelies

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Jurgen, we’ll pass your details on to the Park’d organisers and they should be in touch soon. Thanks!

      • Jurgen says:

        Hi Digital Media Unit, thx !

  18. Penny says:

    Thankyou JUMPLINGS for always making me the best lunch. The food and service is always 100%.

  19. Juliana says:

    Hi, I mentioned the food trucks to my uncle who is very interested in the whole “Park’d” at Curtin. He asked me to find out how the system works and whether he could bring a food truck to Curtin. Can you please let me know so I can relay the information to him.
    Thank you

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Juliana, we’ve sent you an email.

  20. David Chisholm says:

    No Wholey Crepe at Bus Stop East today (Friday 14 June) 🙁

  21. Penny says:

    can we have updated details for this week please

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Penny, sorry about the delay – this week’s locations are up now.

  22. Grace says:

    Hi, my friends and I are thinking of starting a food business and we are interested to know if we can bring a food truck to Curtin. Thank you.

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Grace, thanks for your comment – we’ll get in touch with you via email.

  23. Penny says:

    Comida do Sul – what food do they have?

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Penny

      Comida do Sul sell fresh choripans and vegipans (chorizo sausage, sumac lemon mayo, chimmi churri, tomato salsa and smoked pepper sauce), brazilian beans and rice with a side of char grilled beef, cassava chips, kale and salsa. They also have Coxinha (fried shredded chicken mash balls), shoe string fries and truck sauce plus fresh coconuts and brazilian desserts.

      They’ll be at 216 Forecourt today (Wednesday), not Angazi as originally planned.

  24. Robyn says:

    Can you please list if any of the vans have gluten-free offerings? I know Wholey Crepe do – that’s why they get my business every time (as well as being delicious)

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Robyn, Hey Pesto has gluten-free burgers. We’ll try to find out if there are any more gluten-free options!

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Robyn, we’ve just found out that as of next week, Vince will have gluten-free options at Vince’s Woodfired Pizzas.

      • Robyn says:

        Fantastic! Thanks for the investigation, that gives us coeliacs a few more options 🙂

  25. DK says:

    Is Curtin considering increasing the variety of food van operators on campus? I am planning to start a mobile food business and would like to know how I can be part of this excitement. Can you please email to me the terms and conditions. Thanks.

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi DK, thanks for your interest – we’re always looking for more Park’d vendors to come on campus. We’ll give your details to the organisers.

  26. Peter says:

    Hi. I am interested in this event. I am just wondering how could I get involved with you. I can make healthy traditional Chinese pancakes. It’s delicious and cheap. Does any chance I could join in you? Urgently need help. Thank you!

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Thanks for your interest Peter – we’ve passed your info along to the organisers.

  27. Deborah says:

    What is the name of the food tent that sold hot funnel cakes last Wednesday?

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Deborah, do you mean the spicy gozlemes sold at Turkish Dome?

  28. maya says:

    Do the park’d vendors accept Guild “campus cash” cards or cash only?

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Maya, none of them accept Guild cards – sorry! They’re all cash. Jumplings does accept EFTPOS though.

  29. Kyle says:


    We have a food van which we are keen to get involved at Curtin. Who can we speak with about the products we offer and registering our interest for Semester 1 next year.


    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Kyle, thanks for your comment – we’ll get in touch via email.

  30. Taila says:

    When will buttys be coming back to campus 🙁

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Taila, we can’t make any promises… but you miiiiight see Butty’s on campus next week, for one week only! We want to get them back a lot more next year. They’re so good that they’re in very high demand right now!

  31. Sean says:

    Looking for today’s list… it doesn’t seem to have been updated for this week.

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Sean, it’s up!

  32. Sanchit says:

    Im interested in setting up shop with the other food vendors. Can you please contact me with details as to how to join and an costs involved etc


  33. Rob says:

    Hi Park’d – I’d also like more information about getting involved with this great project with my own food van. Digital Media Unit can you also send me through an email like the rest.


    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Sorry for the delay Rob – emailing you now …

  34. Penny says:

    when are vans back for 2014?

  35. Kenny says:

    Hi there, my friends and I are thinking of starting a food business in mobile van. We are interested to know if we can bring a food truck to Curtin. Thank you.

  36. Nicole Hewitt says:

    The jumping can should always be at uni! It’s the most amazing thing I have ever eaten!

  37. Nicole Hewitt says:

    That’s supposed to be “jumpling van” stupid autocorrect!

  38. June says:

    I am very interested in being a part of this. Are you able to send me information please?
    Thank you.

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi June, sure, we’ll email you with more info.

      • June says:


        I have not received your email yet. Are you able to send it through. I really am very interested and would like to present my food to the Curtin community.

        I hope to hear from you soon.

        Thanks. : )

        • Curtin University says:

          Hi June, sorry about that. I’ll follow that up for you.

  39. sue siallagan says:

    I am interested in a food stall. what days are the food vans at the uni?

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Sue, all the days are above. They’re on campus every weekday during semester.

  40. sue siallagan says:

    do you still have the markets on wednesdays? is it possible to sell my snow cones( shaved ice) & slushies there?

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Sue, yes, the markets are still on Wednesdays and we’ve passed your details onto the organisers who will email you directly.

  41. Lisa White says:

    Hi, Can I please have my details forwarded to the organiser of the food vans as I would like to bring to Park’d my authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice, Chillers (real fruit taste) and Soft Serve in flavours other than vanilla that is Lactose & Gluten FREE (real irresistible taste)! My van featured recently at the Alcohol Think Again. Perth Heat series (Championship 2014) in which I was a partner of the Perth Heat. Thank you.

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Lisa, we’ve passed your details on. You should hear from them via email soon.

  42. Jeff says:

    I am very interested in being a part of this. Are you able to send me information please?
    Thank you.

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Jeff, yes, you’ll be contacted via email.

  43. Don says:

    Hi,I am interested in being a part of this event,had just heard this from my friend,I had previous experiences in running food business in market.Could you pls send me more information.

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Don, yes, we’ll be in touch via email.

  44. Jos Walsh says:

    I heard that The Merrywell now has a food truck. Lets get them here!

  45. Andrew says:

    Really interesting idea, would love to help add some more international flavors to the mix.

    Can you please forward on my details. Thank you very much!

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Andrew

      Yes, we’ve done that, and the Park’d guys will get back to you via email. Thanks for your interest.

  46. Julie says:

    Just wondering what has happened to the jumplings van?

  47. Rachael says:

    Can you please note next to the description of each above which (if any) of the vendors have EFTPOS facilities? Thanks

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Rachael, thanks for this suggestion! At this stage we’re aware that Higher Grounds, Hey Pesto and Comida do Sul offer EFTPOS facilities and we’ve noted this next to their descriptions.

  48. Penny says:

    i am so disappointed that there is no room for JUMPLINGS to return. They were some of the original food van holders who supported this venture. They always had lines of people waiting for their amazing food. What a loss.


    • David says:

      Not happy either.

      Jumplings was the only Van I eat at. I tried others, but Jumplings was the best. They were always friendly and always busy.

      Please bring them back.

  49. Liz. says:


    Im interested in setting up shop with the other food vendors. Can you please contact me with details as to how to join and an costs involved and any other requirements.


    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Liz, thanks for your enquiry. Annette Hasluck will be in touch via email with the details for how to get involved.

  50. Nadi says:

    where is Jumpling?

  51. rob says:

    I was interested to see what the merrywell truck would be like seeing as they are a pub and the food looked good. What I didn’t like was the prominent Crown and CCA advertising. Park’d should be about supporting independent producers not lining Mr Packers pockets

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Rob, thanks for your comments. Through the Park’d food truck program, we hope to provide a diverse and high-quality food selection for the Curtin community. The Merrywell truck was accepted on the basis of their food offering and we noted that the Merrywell branding was the focus and far more prominent than Crown’s branding.

  52. vanessa says:

    Where are the “Markets”? Higher Grounds is there but I can’t see it on the map…
    Need a good coffee!

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Vanessa, the markets are between Buildings 106 and 108 :).

  53. Nicole says:

    Hi there, Can you please contact me in regards to the Merrywell Food Truck. Thanks

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Nicole, Hillary Lambert will be in touch with you via email.

  54. carla says:

    There are a few nice mexican vans around. can we also have a few more food options down at 216? waffles and happy choppy = no good for lunch.

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Carla, thanks for your feedback. I’ll pass it on to the organisers.

  55. Nathan says:

    You should advertise the food vans more, you would be surprised the amount of people who dont know about them (especially 1st yrs).

    Maybe put posters up it would be a nice change from all the polticial stuff or email but i usually dont read the random emails.

    The more people who eat at them the more likely food vans will stay and not leave like jumplings (btw they went to uwa).

    I like the variety of food and its very affordable

    • Curtin University says:

      Thanks for your feedback Nathan. I’ll pass it on to the organisers.

  56. Jo M says:


  57. Anon says:

    Is the Merrywell truck coming back?? It hasnt been advertised as being on campus for a couple of weeks now.

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi, the truck has been out of action for a couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted 🙂

  58. Velt says:

    When will Butty’s be back?

  59. Laura Richards says:

    Hi, I wanted to inquire about how to contact a few of the performers that were on campus for a private event.


  60. Lyndsey says:

    Great idea guys!! I work in community development and would love to do something like this in one of my communities. Could you please put me in touch with the organisers? Thanks!!

  61. Sarah Belgard says:

    Good afternoon,

    We have read with interest your Park’d Food Trucks at Curtin site. We would like to enquire as to how we may register our interest to become involved.

    Any further information you could provide would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks,

    Sarah & Nerida.

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Sarah and Nerida, please fill out our enquiry form at:

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Jacqui, they used to have a stall at our weekly markets, but they can’t make it this semester 🙁

  62. Kieren says:

    Hi there,
    Can you please provide me with more info about Park’d, specifically times, contract periods, costs, etc.
    I have a family member who could benefit from an on-campus presence.

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Kieren, the organisers will be in contact via email with more info. – Emily

  63. Yappies says:

    I just tried a BMT (Banh Mi Thit) aka Vietnamese Pork Rolls… at Waterford Bakehouse in Waterford Plaza… OMG so yummm and they’re generous with the filling! I was speaking to the owner and he said he’ll look into providing free delivery to Curtin Campus if there’s enough demand! YAY!!!! that would be awesome! If you love BMT like I do please harass them to deliver!

  64. RKW says:

    Hi there,

    Wanting to get some general info on Park’d and how we might be able to set up a mobile food truck at Curtin one day if possible? Could you send some details over? 🙂


  65. carmen jacques says:

    we had some delicious Vietnamese Rolls at Sky Works – i believe they do the friday night hawkers market in the city – How about we get some of that this year?

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Carmen, do you know what the business was called? – Emily

      • Jane Fields says:

        Baguette Me Not – Vietnamese banh mi

  66. Jane Fields says:

    Shame we can’t get any vegetarian vendors here…

  67. Ruth says:

    When will the Cuban Sandwich Co be back on campus?

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Ruth, unfortunately they won’t be back on campus this semester. The business has changed ownership and we haven’t heard from them since. – Emily

  68. Kat says:

    Hi there,
    Could you please inform me of how I could get my food truck at Park’d?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Kat, please fill out this form and you’ll be added to the database 🙂 – Emily

  69. Kevin says:


    I’m thinking about opening a stand in the food markets. Is there an information pack about how to go about this, costs and regulations?


    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Kevin, please email for further information. – Emily

  70. Hollie says:

    Can we please have an update on the description of providers to include all food vans

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Hollie, yes you can. Full list of vans coming soon 🙂 – Emily

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Holly, the list of vans has now been updated. Thanks for your patience. – Emily

  71. Rochelle says:

    Can you please promptly update the Park’d website?! in particular the numerous new food trucks descriptions and the new locations?
    It gets very frustrating not being able to find the food van you want or to not know what a food van delivers in choices without walking all over campus and taking up a whole lunch break to find out you don’t want it.

    • Curtin University says:

      Hi Rochelle, the new vans and their descriptions have been added to the list of vans and Atkinson Forum has been added to the locations map. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the vans in these comments or on the Park’d Facebook page. – Emily

  72. Bo Boyer says:

    What happened to the Merrywell food truck and the Butty’s food truck? Are they going to be coming back?

    • Emily Lloyd says:

      Hi Bo, both trucks have gigs elsewhere at the moment. New trucks are always coming and going from campus though, so keep an eye out to see if they return 🙂 – Emily

  73. Ozi says:

    What about authentic nasi lemak,mee rebus,mee siam and ox tail soup??????Yummo.

  74. Alison says:

    Hi guys

    I am holding an event this Thursday on campus. Any chance your Higher Grounds cart would be interested/able to come over to 213 forecourt from 7:45 to 8:15? I have over 100 people coming along, so it could be good business for them! Tried to organise a while ago but we ended up playing phone tag, thought this way might be better.


    • Emily Lloyd says:

      Hi Alison, one of the organisers will be in contact with you via email. – Emily

  75. Jack says:

    How does one go about starting a food truck up at curtain? Have a Mexican food biz in the pipeline soon. Think tacos 🙂

    • Emily Lloyd says:

      Hi Jack, you can register your interest via our enquiry form and they will be added to our database 🙂 – Emily

  76. Hitika says:

    I am a vegan and there is only Ubuntu option which we don’t even have for weeks. I would love some more vegetarian/vegan options, I am sure we are a lot of vegetarians at campus.

  77. Tina says:

    I would like to ask any fee I need to pay for one 1 week in order to set up the food truck in Bentley Campus.


    • Emily Lloyd says:

      Hi Tina,

      Thanks for your interest in the Park’d @ Curtin Food Truck program.

      Unfortunately, the program is currently at capacity. If you would like to be advised when we have the next intake (possibly in 2016), please fill out our enquiry form.

      There is an annual fee if you are accepted into the program. – Emily

  78. Nathan Tilghman says:

    Hi, I’m a Curtin business graduate, who now owns a mobile food business. We operate out of A Stall instead of a truck, much like Curtin’s Coffee guys (there name escapes me). I know the program is for vans But I was curiousas to if Curtin was also open to stall type offerings, as I’ve heard from some current students that you might have.


    • Emily Lloyd says:

      Hi Nathan, thanks for your interest in the Park’d program. Unfortunately both our food market and food truck programs are both at capacity at the moment.

      Please register your details using our registration of interest form and we can keep them on file in case a position opens up.

      – Emily

  79. Katie says:

    Is there any opportunity to have a pop up coffee shop 3/4 days a week on campus?

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi Katie, thank you for your interest! Registrations to be a part of the Food Truck/Cart program in 2016 have closed, and participants have already been selected and notified. EOI’s will open again on 2 January 2017 so please keep an eye on this page, although I will e-mail you directly to let you know. Food stall applications for our markets are still open, please register here.

  80. Eleanor Morgan says:

    Hi. I don’t see the map that has the food stall locations on it anymore. Where is Creative Corner? And the Henderson Hexagon? And the Sculpture Garden? Please point me in the right direction!


    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi Eleanor – we have now placed a map on the page hopefully this helps! Creative Corner is the old Speakers Corner, Henderson Hexagon is right in the middle of campus outside building 109 and Sculpture Garden is next to building 402.

      • Eleanor Morgan says:

        Thank you, the map is very useful :-)!

  81. Adam Nevin says:

    Great tasting cheese melt with jalapenos from Guerilla Foods today, as long as you don’t get offput by the accompanying corn chips being thrown on the plate by the guy’s bare hand and not his gloved hand.

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi Adam! Just letting you know I will pass this comment on to The Melt Hub to ensure the gloved hand is used! Please note this was not Guerrilla Foods.

      • Adam Nevin says:

        Melt Hub indeed. My mistake.

  82. Sarah Wright says:

    Thank you for having the food trucks come over to Technology Park, there are very limited food options over here. Hopefully if the crowd gets big enough you might be able to send one over every day.

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      You are welcome Sarah! Please help spread the word 🙂 We will be doing a flier drop soon and looking to get signage over there as well. Hope you don’t mind if we send you a flier to post up in the staff kitchen room!

  83. leanne duirs says:

    Just starting my own food truck business would be very interested in joining in. Plan to do pulled pork, jerk chicken, served with fresh made slaw and potato salad with chips. Soups made fresh and chilli cheese steak rolls. Any information would be greatly appreciated

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi! Thanks for your interest! Registrations to be a part of the Food Truck program in 2016 have now closed. EOI’s will open again on 2 January 2017 so please keep an eye on our facebook page parkd_at_curtin and also this website.

  84. Jana Soderlund says:

    Hi All food vans…starting Saturday 22nd at Curtin Stadium at 9am and running till 9am Sunday is a massive RFLAN fest.(huge gaming) with 824 attendees for 24 hours. With a son and friends attending and trying to work out food it appears that there is little to none there and NO COFFEE CARTS! Big 24 hour opportunity……else they will go to Karawara…..

  85. Clara says:

    Hi there,

    What time are the food trucks around until?

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      All trucks should be on campus until 3pm.

  86. Syahir Lokman says:


    I’m Syahir from Bunga Raya Satay, which is first tantallised the tastebuds of Fremantle and Perth 28 years ago. As one the first Halal Malaysian Restaurants in Perth, food catering services for a variety of events and functions. We sell authentic Malaysian foods, including satay, murtabak and many more.

    I’m just wondering if I can join Open Day Curtin for next semester as food truck vendor?

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi Syahir, Your food sounds delicious. Unfortunately with events on campus we prioritise the Food Trucks already selected for our roster. The Food Truck Program is open again for Expressions of Interest in November for 2017. Keep an eye on this page for more information.

  87. Marko says:

    The Pasta Truck is nowhere to be seen in Technology Park today. Not angry, just disappointed…

  88. Lindsay says:

    Is it me or is the Pasta truck often not where it is advertised to be?! Today we went to the hexagon to go there and there was only Greek Streats, (where I got a lovely kebab instead!) This has happened before with this van?

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi Lindsay – unfortunately three of our trucks didn’t turn up today because of potential hail, I update as they tell me but sometimes I am not told. Glad you enjoyed the kebab!

  89. Nicola says:

    We are in the very early stages of starting up a food truck business and we were wondering how to get on to your food truck program for next year as i see that this years have all been selected, do you have a waitlist for next year?

    • Talei Howell-Price says:

      Hi Nicola
      Please keep an eye on this website. EOI’s will open from November and will be selected in January.

  90. Maddie says:

    I love the food truck initiative, it’s fantastic! The Melt Hub is a particular favourite – best sandwiches EVER.

  91. Renato Perera says:

    Best 10$ I’ve spent on food here, at The Melt Hub. Delicious pork and potato sandwich.

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