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Media information for staff

The Curtin Public Relations team can assist staff with a variety of media-related activities. These include:

  • promoting research and teaching and learning achievements
  • drafting and issuing media releases
  • providing advice on how to handle a media interview
  • organising media training
  • providing advice on expert commentary
  • advising on the news value of a story or finding a suitable way to promote a story
  • advising on the use of social media to promote news
  • developing a strategy to raise the profile of a particular story, person or area.

Within the Curtin Media Relations team there is a dedicated media consultant who works with each faculty to provide media support. To contact the person who assists your faculty please see the Media Relations team listing.

Media Procedures

In line with the Academic Freedom Policy, Curtin has detailed Media Procedures. The Media Procedures outline the protocol to be followed in relation to speaking with the media, to provide guidance for academic staff members and to protect the University’s reputation. Please ensure that you read this document before undertaking any media: All academics speaking to the media should also have undertaken media training.

If you would like to know more about the Media Procedures and how it relates to you or are unsure of your responsibilities, please contact the Curtin Media Relations team.

Media tips and training

All Curtin staff should have undertaken media training before speaking with the media. Curtin runs media training session and events – further detail can be found on our Media Training page.

If you are approached directly by a journalist and are unsure what to do, or want help to prepare for media interviews, the Curtin Public Relations team can offer advice and assistance or organise specific training.

Register as an expert

The majority of the media that Curtin, and all WA universities receives, is through academics commenting within their areas of expertise on issues in the public arena. By providing expert comment, it helps position the University as a thought-leader within the community, and also enhances the reputation of the academic, their school and faculty.

If you want to find out more about expert commentary, please contact the Curtin Media Relations team. All academics speaking with the media should have undertaken media training.