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Curtin Alumni turn classroom idea into international business venture

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Curtin Entrepreneurship graduates Grant Derepas and Simon Anderson combined their studies and talents to create the app Notis, which is attracting significant funding from US investors.

Notis: an app for students

Simon and Grant made the most of the startup business mentoring and support available at Curtin. The Curtin Entrepreneurship students completed the Curtin Ignition Program and Curtin Accelerate Program to get their business idea off the ground.

“Simon and Notis has been one of the fabulous success stories,” said Danelle Cross, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship. Simon was open to all the advice on offer, and made the most of the opportunity to connect with the Perth Startup ecosystem.

Notis is an electronic platform that connects students with each other, their university and community to locate and buy the resources needed for higher education. The app allows students to buy and sell text books, look for housing and accommodation, and find local events and tutoring.

Simon and Grant met while studying Entrepreneurship at Curtin. During group assignments, the pair quickly realised Grant’s passion for Web development and Simon’s entrepreneurial skills made them a formidable team. Notis began as a classroom idea, and is now an international business.


The app is already gaining traction in the US, with a number of investors coming on board to support the venture. The funds have allowed the pair to redevelop the app and launch it at universities across America.

If you’ve got an innovative business idea, make sure you check out the Curtin Ignition Program and Curtin Accelerate Program, for free support to start your business and commercialise your ideas.