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Committed to a healthy career – Julie Meek

Cite Magazine
Issue 24 - Summer 2014

In year 9 at school, Julie Meek realised that she wanted to help people choose a healthy lifestyle and food for a living but she had no idea what that career was. She sought advice from a guidance counsellor and came up with a plan to achieve her goal of becoming a dietician.

Julie Meek

After a completing three degrees at Curtin – a Bachelor in Nutrition and Food Science; a Graduate Diploma in Dietetics; and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Promotion, Meek developed more than a solid foundation to become the sought-after performance specialist and sports dietician she is today.

Meek’s passion for healthy eating has led to an incredibly varied and successful 15-year career to date.

She has worked as a sole dietician in rural New South Wales, helped sports organisations from grassroots to the elite level, established Belly Blasters (a fat and waist loss program), started her own business and written two books.

She now spends her time writing and speaking to corporate groups about how to embrace the attitudes of world-class athletes in the business realm.

As her whirlwind career might indicate, Meek is not one to sit still for long. Meek, her husband and three children recently bought an 800-year-old apartment in Tuscany that they plan to slowly renovate.

“I would like to establish speaking work in Italy and Europe in the next couple of years and become bilingual,” she says.

“I feel very passionate about what I do and the difference I can make in people’s lives – that always drives me forward.”

Graduate snapshot

Name: Julie Meek
Studied: Bachelor of Applied Science (Nutrition and Food Sc), Graduate Diploma in Dietetics, Postgraduate Diploma in Health Promotion
Graduated: 1989, 1991, 1997
Area of study: Health Sciences


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  1. Mateo says:

    that’s very true Julie.I am at the university and some of the wkneeeds I do capacity building in high school and lots of girls especially have esteem issues. esteem plays a big role in our day to day activities at the university I have interacted with my friends with low self esteem that’s an encouraging poem am definitely sharing this with my friends.

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