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Daring to dream

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Only a year after completing his Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Computer Systems) at Curtin, Jay Wong was running his own technology company and turning a tidy profit.

The secret to his success? Hard work, determination, passion and thinking outside the box.

“Owning my own highly profitable business at 22 years of age was a considerable achievement for me,” says Wong. “It was so rewarding to be able to position myself in front of corporate businesses and their owners and solve their highly complex IT issues using the fundamental skills I learned at Curtin.”

It wasn’t an easy journey, however. A lack of finances meant Wong had to be resourceful with his business set up. But Wong took this challenge head on, learned a lot of lessons, and found himself a better person for it.

“Bootstrapping my first company taught me the fundamentals of being a ‘good’ person,” says Wong. “There is a Chinese saying, ‘To be able to be a successful businessman, one needs to learn how to be a successful person.’”

From strength to strength

Following the success of his first start-up, Wong migrated his business and clientele to an elevated level through the establishment of Xyber Solutions.

A Perth-based company, Xyber Solutions provides businesses with professionally managed IT solutions.

“Right now I am responsible for overall strategy, creating optimised workflow systems and processes, and ultimately aspiring to create a culture that gives all employees the opportunity to maximise each other’s potential in an environment that allows them to grow both personally and professionally,” explains Wong.

“It’s my vision to build Xyber Solutions into a business that is continually innovative, organically self-sustainable and highly profitable, while helping out other bootstrapped startups through coaching and mentoring so that they do not make the same mistakes I did.”

More to life than money

While keeping a level head over his business plans, Wong believes that his preparedness to take risks is critical to his success.

“Not knowing what comes tomorrow – what challenges will arise and the difficulty of not having a stable income – only fuels my passion and drive to succeed,” says Wong. “I live for that feeling of accomplishment upon overcoming the difficulties and adversities that come with being out of your comfort zone.”

But the real key to life, according to Wong, is to dream.

“I dream, and I dream a lot – which probably explains why I always have problems sleeping well,” he jokes. “But, I do feel that without dreams, you have no goal, you have no purpose, you have no meaning in life.”

“Your dream should not be defined by the number of noughts in your bank account – after all, wealth and financial freedom are just by-products of success. Rather, I believe the success of your dream should be signified by the ability to put food on the table and the smiles of your family. The simple things in life are often the best.”

Graduate Snapshot

Name: Jay Wong

Studied: Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Computer Systems)

Related degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering)

Graduated: 2001