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Mass opportunities for mass comms graduate

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A degree in Mass Communication has been a ticket around the world for Guy Kerr, whose community-focused career has already spanned four continents.

“I studied mass communications because I wanted a dynamic degree that was up to date with the latest industry trends and would enable me to go straight into my career. I wanted variety and excitement and I certainly got that,” says Kerr.

Over the course of his degree Kerr found himself being drawn to marketing and soon discovered the many opportunities open to him.

“My marketing units, projects and lecturers were the best part of my degree,” he says. “They were a really diverse group of people from different segments of the industry and different countries. Everyone made you think about the world in a different way.”

“My degree lit my imagination and showed me how many different possibilities there were for me after graduation.”

Since graduating in 2004, Kerr has done some amazing work for a few big-name, non-profit organisations. He volunteered on an eco ranch for three months in Costa Rica in 2006 and travelled to Ethiopia with EveryChild in 2009 to interview street children. Recently, he helped reinvigorate New Zealand’s Red Cross fundraising efforts following the devastation of the Christchurch earthquake.

“Volunteering was an incredible experience, and I would recommend that everyone takes some time out from their careers to do some long-term volunteering,” says Kerr. “It will change your life.”

He is now working for Jurassic Coast Trust, a conservation group that seeks to protect the 155 km stretch of fossil-rich coastline in southern England.

“I recruit individuals and businesses to the Jurassic Coast Trust’s community project. I speak to people from all walks of life and try to engage them with the trust’s conservation and education work” he says.

“I use the skills and knowledge that I learned in my degree every day. At the forefront of these is managing relationships – I really learned a lot through my marketing units and their insights into psychology and people’s motivations.”

Kerr plans on continuing his work with the Jurassic Coast Trust, with the aim to recruit hundreds of individuals and businesses to help ensure the coastline can be enjoyed by future generations.

Graduate Snapshot

Name: Guy Kerr

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communications)

Graduated: 2004