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An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life

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Written by experts on the changing nature of careers, An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life encourages you – the reader – to take charge of your professional destiny and improve your wellbeing.

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Divided into two parts: Taking Stock and Taking Action, the book places you in the driver’s seat, presenting options, supported by real-life examples and scientific evidence, for how you can achieve your personal career goals.

In part one, you will be encouraged to analyse your employment situation and think about what you want in your career. In doing so, you’ll be introduced to concepts such as the ‘knowledge economy’ and the ‘information age’, to make sense of the changing work environment and learn the principles you need to succeed in the 21st century.

In part two, you will be encouraged to take charge of your career on your own terms. You’ll be supported to make positive changes by undertaking further learning, developing new skills and competencies, learning how to connect with employers and communities, and embracing technology.

“Careers need to be nurtured according to individual preferences and responsibilities. We felt there really wasn’t a book out there that really grasps the complexity of what it means to take responsibility,” explains one of the book’s authors, Associate Professor Julia Richardson from Curtin University.

“Our objective was to help people on their journey and place a few signposts to identify what skills you need to get the career you want, and which people can help you build those skills on an ongoing basis.

“We didn’t want to write a ‘recipe for success book’ because success is different to many people; instead, we offer options by drawing on real-life cases of people who have achieved their goals and others who have not. We’ve also deliberately kept a global perspective to not be dominated by North American thinking,” she says.

If you are starting your professional career, looking for a career change, or thinking about what you want to do in the future, this could be the book for you.

Find out more about An Intelligent Career, or buy it on Amazon.

ISBN: 978-0190494131

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Review from Amazon:

“A very refreshing and modern sense approach to forming and realistically thinking about an individual career. The book is spot on about how the belief and idea of a career has to be owned, adaptable, and most of all intelligent. The text eloquently combines the realities posed by the future of technology with methods to embrace, formulate, and shape one’s career. The stories within the book are inspiring and relate-able. This is a good read for anyone at any stage in their career whether starting, established, or seeking a change.”

About the authors

Associate Professor Julia Richardson has enjoyed a career in the corporate and academic sectors across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Asia and the UK. Her research expertise reflects her interest in career management, career transitions and flexible work practices. Associate Professor Richardson works at Curtin Business School.

Professor Michael Arthur is an expert on the changing nature of careers, developing the Intelligent Career Card Sort®, a system designed to support professorial career development. He works at Suffolk University in Boston, US.

Professor Svetlana Khapova is an expert on the career investments of contemporary employees, and the relationship between careers and organisational growth and innovation. She works at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and is the scientific director of the Amsterdam Business Research Institute.

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