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A Eureka moment for Scanalyse

Cite Magazine
Issue 22 - Summer 2013

Curtin spin-off company Scanalyse has taken out the 2013 Rio Tinto Eureka Prize for Commercialisation of Innovation, for its MillMapper and CrusherMapper technology.

From left: Andrew Jenkin (Rio Tinto) and Scanalyse CEO Peter Clarke
From left: Andrew Jenkin (Rio Tinto) and Scanalyse CEO Peter Clarke

Scanalyse was established from Curtin research into the use of laser scanning technology to monitor wear and tear in giant rock crushers and grinding mills.

Previously, operators were required to climb inside these giant machines – which are costly to run – to measure their level of wear. Scanalyse’s award-winning technology uses lasers to perform the measurements, eliminating the need for workers to place themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

The company was acquired earlier in 2013 by Finnish mining giant Outotec, in recognition of the technology’s immense potential in the global market.

“Scanalyse illustrates a successful path from research to implementation,” says the Director of the Australian Museum, which hosts the awards, Frank Howarth.

“What started as a work of enquiry at Curtin University in 2004 has been very capably adapted into a large-scale commercial environment.”

The Australian Museum Eureka Prizes reward excellence in the fields of research and innovation, leadership and commercialisation, science journalism and communication, and school science.