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New app to support weight loss

Cite Magazine
Issue 22 - Summer 2013

A weight-loss program tailored to an individual’s shape and health needs will soon be available on a mobile phone application.

Professor Moyez Jiwa
Professor Moyez Jiwa

Developed by the Chair of Health Innovation in Curtin’s Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor Moyez Jiwa, the ‘Future Me’ app aims to motivate obese and overweight people to take responsibility for their own health and challenge the behaviours of an increasingly overweight population.

Participants enter their weight, height and body shape into the app and the information appears as a clear, electronic image of their body shape to determine their current and projected physique.

The app then advises on the diet and exercise required to reach goal weight, with images of the body looking progressively slimmer after four, eight and 12 weeks.

Jiwa says the ‘Future Me’ concept came from successful anti-smoking software which shows the rapid ageing effect that inhaling cigarette smoke has on an individual’s face.

“Both technologies are based on the principle that appearance is a powerful incentive to stop bad habits and make a life change,” Jiwa says.

The app has attracted keen interest from health workers, and negotiations are underway with a commercial funder.