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Art and science collide ‘On Cloud Seven’

Curtin Design lecturer Dr Ioannis Michaloudis combined art and science through the use of silica aerogel in his recent exhibition titled, ‘On Cloud Seven’.

OzAPP Awards announced

This year’s OzAPP Awards recognised innovative mobile apps in areas as diverse as aged-care, fashion, photography and Indigenous languages.

New app to support weight loss

A new mobile phone application will see weight-loss programs tailored to an individual’s shape and health needs.

Pride in diversity

Curtin’s commitment to fairness and equity is recognised at the national Pride in Diversity Awards.

Hope for new biodiversity habitats

Researchers from the Curtin Institute for Biodiversity and Climate have found a way to predict the location of safe havens for threatened biodiversity.

Curtin appoints next Vice-Chancellor

After an international search by the Curtin Council, Professor Deborah Terry has been appointed as Curtin University’s next Vice-Chancellor, commencing in February.