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Celebration of sustainability at Curtin

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Curtin’s inaugural Sustainability Lecture and Showcase in May brought together the University’s best innovations in sustainable development.

From left to right: Director Australian Sustainable Development Institute Mike Burbridge; Governor of Western Australia Malcolm McCusker; Curtin Vice Chancellor Deborah Terry; Professor Jeffrey Sachs; Director Curtin Sustainable Policy Institute Peter Newman.

More than 350 people attended the event at Government House, Perth and many more watched the lecture via a live webcast.

Economist and senior UN advisor Professor Jeffrey Sachs delivered the keynote address on ending extreme poverty. Universities across ten countries tuned in online, including teachers and postgraduate students at the Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture (BMCA) in Pune, India.

“The lecture was inspiring and informative, giving an insight into the challenges for the coming generations,” says BMCA’s Professor Shubhada Kamalapurka.

Following the lecture, attendees enjoyed a showcase of Curtin’s initiatives in sustainable development. Among the displays were Curtin Volunteers’ award-nominated green community projects and the UNEP EcoChallenge, an online sustainability game for school-aged students. Curtin organises the Australian branch of this global competition.

Director of Curtin’s Australian Sustainable Development Institute Mike Burbridge says the showcase truly recognises sustainable development as a broad and multidisciplinary field.

“There is more to sustainable development than scientific research,” Mr Burbridge says. “At Curtin we not only research it – we also teach it and practise it.”

The event directly led to the formation of a number of new partnerships that will likely expand the University’s sustainable development activities. Preceding the showcase, 350 people attended an additional seminar with Professor Sachs, held by the Curtin University Sustainable Policy Institute in Fremantle.