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BCEC Future of Work in Australia: Preparing for tomorrow’s world

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The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre is proud to present the next report in the Focus on the States series-  Future of Work in Australia: Preparing for tomorrow’s world.

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The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre invites you to the launch of the next report in the Focus on the States series which will examine the future of work in Australia.

Friday 13 April 2018
7.15am to 9.00am
Hyatt Regency Perth, Grand Ballroom
Tickets $59 per person, concessions apply. $29 per person for Curtin and Bankwest staff, University students, Charities and Associations and Senior Citizens (65+)

The organisation of work is changing. With alternative forms of employment, freelancing and the gig economy on the rise, the traditional notion of holding down a steady job or two for an entire career is receding fast.

And as new technologies and automation take over some of the tasks previously performed by human labour, and industries move offshore, the service sector continues to forge ahead as the major player in the future of work.

But are we placing too much emphasis on technology and not enough on the quality of jobs that we should strive to create in the workplaces of the future?

Is now the time for workers to return to education and begin re-skilling? What kinds of careers can our children expect and where should they focus their education?

This sixth report in BCEC’s Focus on the States series will examine the way in which the organisation of work is changing – from workforces to workplaces – and the implications of these changes for Australia.

Please join us for breakfast with prominent government, industry and community leaders.

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About the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre

The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC) is an independent economic and social research organisation located within the Curtin Business School at Curtin University. The Centre was established in 2012 through the generous support from Bankwest (a division of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia), with a core mission to examine the key economic and social policy issues that contribute to the sustainability of Western Australia and the wellbeing of WA households.

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