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Construct15 – The Global Lean Construction Conference 2015

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You are invited to attend Construct15 – Global Knowledge, Global Solutions. Construct15 incorporating the 23rd IGLC conference is held in partnership with Curtin University.

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The IGLC conference is the world’s leading conference on advances in construction practices, innovative technologies and first class research. The theme for Construct15 is “Global Knowledge – Global Solutions” which reflects the importance of shared knowledge for industry improvement.

28 - 31 July 2015
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Options available - see website for detail.
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“Global Knowledge – Global Solutions”

The global construction industry is fast-changing, driven by changes to the world economic environment and demographic growth. In order to deliver value  and maintain competitiveness, the construction industry will need to develop its capabilities for managing innovation and technical changes to construction practices.

Over four days Construct15 will bring together the best of world lean construction experts and practitioners across the world. Through presentations of best practices, key leader panel discussions, significant case studies, workshops, professional and academic papers, and product demonstrations, you will have an exceptional opportunity to share n how construction professionals are addressing the major challenges confronting the construction industry.

In addition you will have invaluable networking opportunities with key leaders from the global construction industry, be able to strengthen existing relationships with colleagues from our industry and meet new acquaintances. This will be complemented by a variety  of social events including a Welcome Reception and Conference Dinner.

We are proud to host this International Conference here in Perth, Western Australia. This honour highlights the significance of Western Australia – the construction and mining hub of Australia, in the global construction market, and is acknowledgement of The Lean Construction Institute Australasia and the leadership role it provides in the Australasian construction sectors.

We look forward to welcoming you to Construct15 – Global Knowledge, Global Solutions Conference.

For more Information and to register, please see the Construct15 website.