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Tap into your customer’s emotions using science

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Capturing consumers’ attention and emotion is a key objective of marketing, however, conventional market research may not provide accurate and objective insights into the consumer’s real emotions and what they think.

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In this Feed Your Mind discussion, Dr. Billy Sung discusses how psychophysiological measures such as eye tracking, facial expression and brainwave analysis can help marketers collect more reliable and valid data and develop effective marketing strategies.

Tuesday 22 September 2020
12pm to 1pm
Curtin 137 St Georges Terrace
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Dr Billy Sung

Curtin professor Billy Sung looking at camera and smiling

Dr Billy Sung is a Senior Lecturer at School of Marketing, Curtin University. He teaches the digital marketing and consumer behaviour postgraduate unit. He specialises in digital marketing and consumer psychology, consulting for many industry partners including SOHO Global Health (Indonesia), HBF, Lotterywest, RAC, and Redbull amongst others. His research to date has been based on the study of emotion and the application of psychophysiological methodology in multiple disciplines including psychology, marketing, health, nursing, and robotics. He also leads the Consumer Research Lab at Curtin University, which specialises in the use of biometric measures such as eye-tracking, facial expression, and brainwave analyses to conduct consumer research.