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Diversity at Work: building capability through inclusive practice

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Learn how to navigate your way through diversity and equity issues in the workplace.

Tuesday 24 September 2019
9.00am – 1.00pm
137 St Georges Terrace, Perth CBD
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There is unprecedented media coverage of diversity and equity topics: Closing The Gap with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, gender diversity in sport and politics, the rise of the #MeToo movement; accessibility and inclusion of athletes with disability, marriage equality, and multiculturalism.

This heightened level of awareness has meant that competitive organisations now know that diversity and inclusion strategies are essential to the success of their business performance and community relationships.

This workshop allows you to learn from best practice and research in practical skills and applicable concepts to harness the potential of diversity.

You will explore concepts such as unconscious bias, privilege and intersectionality through relevant case studies. You’ll also participate in discussions and reflection to enable a better understanding of our own unconscious biases and the social mechanisms that can reinforce and sustain them.

The workshop is not overly prescriptive or theoretical; instead, it focuses on direct application in workplaces, providing transferable concepts applicable to all diversity areas and work roles, as well as in your wider community.


Module 1 – Online: Learning and Reflection

You will complete an online module that provides an introduction to essential background, business case, concepts and personal reflection in relation to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The online module allows you to reflect on and explore some challenging realisations.

This is essential preparation and a requirement for attending the workshop.

Module 2 – Workshop at 137 St Georges Terrace (4 hours)

You will consolidate and expand on the concepts of unconscious bias, privilege, intersectionality, and dual processing through practical workplace scenarios, collaborative activities, discussions and exploring lived experience.

Findings from the online module will also be discussed.


  • Individual: $300
  • Individual (alumni/student): $270
  • Table of 6: $1,620
  • Table of 6 (alumni/student): $1,450

Learning outcomes

  • Learn the advantages of diversity and how diversity improves group performance, and apply these considerations to the workplace.
  • Gain the skills you need to apply the concepts of unconscious bias, privilege, intersectionality and dual-processing in the workplace.
  • Apply diversity concepts to frameworks of inherent requirements and reasonable accommodation.
  • Consolidate and transfer your learning through critical reflection and application of concepts to your role.

Who is this workshop for

This workshop is relevant to every workplace. We highly recommend that senior managers also attend to enable effective transformation within organisations.

The content can be customised if your organisation wishes to book a closed workshop (minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 25).

Contact us at to discuss a group discount.


Raphael Pereira

Diversity and Equity Trainer Ethics, Equity and Social Justice

Raphael is an experienced trainer and educator in the business and tertiary sectors, spending the past 11 years focusing on designing and building programs around diversity and inclusion, peer learning, academic support, and training staff in collaborative instructional methods.

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