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Get That Grad Job!

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Career Advice Panel followed by a Professional Networking Session

Event details

Want to meet with employability experts and gain career advice from those working within your industry?

Panel Member Announcement:
Nic Doran – Hudson Recruitment
Dani Saraceni – Woodside
Melissa Strutt – Roobix

Wednesday 21 September 2016
5.00 - 7.00 pm
Building 104 Room 101 (Behind Common Ground)

Further details

Curtin Business School is running a new series of Career Advice and Professional Networking Sessions, designed to increase your employability awareness and give you the opportunity to gain confidence to integrate into a business environment.

The sessions look to provide you with the opportunity to gain personal career insights and make industry connections within a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. Networking can be daunting and practicing those skills within a known environment can give you the tools and create the confidence needed to begin on your career pathway.
We suggest that you visit the Curtin Careers Centre as they run online and on campus workshops for professional development, including a networking focused module called: Stop Googling Start Networking, they offer many more options which would help your confidence in attending these events.

Early responses are appreciated.
Please register by 16 September.
Ensure you provide any specific dietary requirements

Register now

Online registration has now closed for this event, should you wish to attend please contact or 9266 4572