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Higher degree by research info session

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If you’re thinking of pursuing a career as a researcher, find out about what’s involved at an info session at Curtin Open Day.

Event details

Come along to a free one-hour event to learn about becoming a researcher.

Sunday 2 August (at our annual Open Day event)
10.30 am to 11.30 am
Norman Dufty Lecture Theatre (Building 210, Room 102), Bentley Campus
Two Curtin researchers working in a laboratory

During this one-hour session you will learn about the following:

  • required educational/ academic requirements to pursue future employment in a research role
  • the types of responsibilities and work activities that are part of working in a research role
  • examples of the types of research programs and collaborations with other universities, industry and/ or government agencies
  • the skills, personal attributes and attitudes/ values that are essential in making a candidate a good fit for a career in research
  • recommended strategies, actions and activities for a student aspiring to develop a career in research, in order to make them a competitive candidate for postgraduate study applications and employment in a research role
  • the most enjoyable aspects and challenges of being a researcher.

Register for this event via Eventbrite.


Why pursue a Higher Degree by Research?

A higher degree by research enables you to:
•    enhance your career prospects (even if your research is not directly related to your job, employers will frequently look favourably on someone who has taken up this challenge)
•    gain intellectual stimulation
•    develop your analytical skills
•    pursue an area of interest in greater depth.

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