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Japanese exhibitions at the John Curtin Gallery

Two exhibitions are showing at the John Curtin Gallery: Paramodelic-Graffiti by Paramodel and The Tenth Sentiment by Ryota Kuwakubo.

Photograph of the Paramodel exhibition at the John Curtin Gallery
Paramodel, Paramodelic-Graffiti, 2014, John Curtin Gallery, detail. Photo Brad Coleman.


With vivid imagination and meticulous design skills, Paramodel create wondrous environments out of mass produced toys and brilliant blue train tracks.

The Tenth Sentiment

Journey through a hypnotic shadow landscape as everyday objects placed around the room are animated into vast and expansive vistas.

Paramodel joint factory workshop

Collaborate with Japanese arts duo Paramodel to create a new paramodelic-graffiti artwork. Working in a team, create your own fantastical design using vibrant blue track in the Paramodel joint factory. Your artwork will be documented and showcased in future international exhibitions.
Sessions are up to an hour long and run weekdays and weekends.
Tickets are limited and fees apply. Visit the John Curtin Gallery website for more.

Gallery opening times:

Monday to Friday 11:00am – 5:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 1:00pm – 5:00pm.
Free parking on weekends.

This is a 2014 Perth International Arts Festival event supported by Visual Arts program partner Wesfarmers Arts.