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The Law Reform Commission of Western Australia – A vehicle for change, a changed vehicle or a mixture of both?

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Curtin Law School proudly invites you to the second event of our Eminent Speaker Series.

Event details

An armchair interview and questions with Dr. David Cox, Chair of the Law Reform Commission and Dr. Eileen Webb, Associate Professor, Curtin Law School.

Tuesday 28 June 2016
5pm - 7pm
Curtin Law School, Room 208, 57 Murray Street, Perth 6000

About the topic

Changing social values provide impetus for law reform. Indeed, the law is often the subject of criticism as not being reflective of evolving community standards.  The Law Reform Commission of Western Australia assists in keeping the law up-to-date and relevant to the needs of society by making recommendations for the reform of areas of law referred to it by the Attorney-General. In a time of changing and diverse social mores what are the areas of reform mooted for 2016-2017? What challenges face law reform in Western Australia in a time of economic recalibration and changing social attitudes?

In this interview Law Reform Commission president, Dr. David Cox will discuss the role of the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia, how it performs its role and present and future projects. David will also discuss ongoing work of law reform commissions in other states to provide a ‘national update’ of issues under consideration.