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Moving towards a more effective Federation

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Join Hon. Dr Mike Nahan, Treasurer; Minister for Energy; Citizenship & Multicultural Interests as he examines the fiscal challenges facing Western Australia and highlights the need for a much greater level of cooperation between governments to address inefficiencies and waste while encouraging innovative approaches to service delivery.

Event details

The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre and the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy invite you to attend a lunchtime event with the Hon. Dr Mike Nahan, Treasurer; Minister for Energy; Citizenship & Multicultural Interests on 5 August.

Tuesday 5 August 2014
From 12.15 pm (for a 12.30 pm start) until 2.00 pm
The Terrace Ballroom The Hyatt Regency Hotel
This event is free of charge but registrations are essential for catering purposes.
Perth skyline showing Bankwest building, photo by Oatsy40

Federations are by definition diverse; yet they also share the common goal of balancing the provision of high quality accessible services with strong fiscal management.  This is the basis of the Australian Federation – a recognition of diversity within common interests.

For Western Australia, the issues of population growth, distance, demography and community expectations are to some extent unique and lead to unprecedented demands for services, utilities and transport infrastructure. These demands are also further exacerbated by unprecedented volatility in the State’s revenue sources.

The challenges ahead will require rethinking about States’ revenue bases and how revenue is allocated to deliver the services or benefits governments should provide.

In the Australian Federation this means looking closely at:

  • the extent of Vertical Fiscal Imbalance in the Federation and, related to that, the narrow and generally inefficient tax bases available to the States;
  • the inequitable Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation process that re-distributes national GST revenues among jurisdictions to the great benefit of some and the detriment of others;
  • Western Australia’s net fiscal subsidy to the nation;
  • impacts of the Commonwealth’s 2014-15 Budget, especially over the medium to longer term; and
  • opportunities presented by the Commonwealth’s White Papers on the Federation and national tax reform.

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About the speaker

Mike Nahan is the Western Australian Treasurer; Minister for Energy; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests.

Dr Nahan was initially appointed to Cabinet as Minister for Energy; Finance; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests following the Liberal National Government’s electoral win in March 2013.  He was then elevated to the position of Treasurer in March 2014. He was first elected as the Member for Riverton in the 2008 State Election and in 2012 was appointed to the position of Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education, Energy and Indigenous Affairs.

Dr Nahan chaired the Economics and Industry Standing Committee and has undertaken important inquiries into big issues affecting the State, including  domestic gas prices.

The Minister immigrated to Australia in 1978 from the United States and arrived in  Western Australia in 1982. Prior to becoming a State politician he was Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs, a leading national conservative think tank. He brings to the Ministerial role a lifetime of experience, leadership and values as a parent, a State public servant, an economist and a proven champion for the local community.

Mike holds a PhD in Economics from the Australian National University and was awarded a Centenary Medal by the Australian Government in 2000 for his contribution to public policy.

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