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Seminar with Nature careers editor Jack Leeming

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“Hello! I’m Jack, a careers editor at Nature. I’m visiting the School of Mines as part of a story I’m reporting on Western Australia. I’ll give a quick introduction to what I do at Nature, and will then open up to questions. Come and ask me anything.” – Jack Leeming 

Event details

Curtin will welcome Jack Leeming, careers editor at Nature International Journal of Science, to Bentley Campus on Friday 7 September, 10:30am to 12pm at 500.1102AB:EX (Chemistry & Resources Precinct).

Friday 7 September 2018
10:30am to 12pm
500.1102AB:EX (Chemistry & Resources Precinct, Curtin University, Bentley)

Jack is the editor of Naturejobs, where he manages Nature’s community careers content, ‘Spotlight’ economics and careers features, Career Guide supplements, live events, and careers outreach. He trained as a chemist, and has worked as a freelance writer, copy editor and journalist for a variety of companies worldwide. He also has experience as a technical writer and project manager from a stint at a software development start-up. Jack’s interests are in science and the economy, China’s rising science scene, digital publishing, the academic system, journalism and career services. He lives and works in London.