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Organisation Specific Training for Health Promotion

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Do you have between 12-20 staff who require health promotion training? Would you like your health promotion training to focus on a particular health intervention or target group? Then an organisation specific training course may be a cost effective option for you to consider

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We are able to write specific content adapted to your industry for groups of 12-20 staff who require Health Promotion training.

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Please contact us with your requirements
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The scheduled courses outlined above can be adapted to meet the needs of your organisation and specific content can be developed as necessary. Please contact Maria Chanmugam, the Course Administrator,  to discuss your requirements and request a quote.

“This short course has enabled us to build workforce capacity by providing an opportunity for service providers to engage in, and integrate health promotion into current models of antenatal and postnatal care.”
Aboriginal Maternity Services Support Unit, 2013

After successful completion of the Curtin University Health Promotion Short Course, participants interested in further studies in health promotion at Curtin University can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning. This is subject to passing an additional piece of assessment.

Our health promotion courses are endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives.