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Public Lecture: Managing traumatic brain injury

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Traumatic injury to the brain or spinal cord invariably has serious and long-term functional consequences.

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Professor Melinda Fitzgerald will present her research on the response of the nervous system to injuries including concussion, how these injuries are managed, and what may improve patient outcomes.

Following trauma, cells in the lesion site die rapidly, with resultant immediate loss of function. In addition, neurons and supporting cells in the area beyond the initial lesion are vulnerable and can undergo delayed death leading to further progressive functional loss.

Professor Melinda Fitzgerald, Professor of Neurotrauma at Curtin University and the Perron Institute, will present a free public lecture on treatment strategies for neurotrauma, including outcomes of her research, with a focus on milder injuries like concussion.

The lecture is hosted by Curtin University’s Faculty of Health Sciences as part of Research & Innovation Week 2017.

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About Professor FitzGerald

Melinda Fitzgerald is Professor of Neurotrauma at Curtin University and the Perron Institute, located at the recently-opened Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute.

Her research is focused around understanding how damage spreads following neurotrauma, such as traumatic brain injury. She has used the findings from these fundamental studies to design and test treatment strategies, including nanotechnologies and combinations of pharmacotherapeutics