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Renowned feminist disability scholar visits Curtin

Professor Garland-Thomson’s work develops the field of critical disability studies in the health humanities to promote disability access, inclusion and identity to communities inside and outside of the academy. During her stay as Visiting Fellow with Curtin’s School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts,  Professor Garland-Thomson will partake in a symposium and present a public lecture.

Disability Symposium

Wed 25 March 2015 from 10am to 3pm

Technology Park, Bentley.

This symposium will explore the current debates and future directions of critical disability studies. It will provide an opportunity to discuss trends in disability theory, the evolving research agenda, interdisciplinary work, connections with disability activism, and how to build a stronger disability research culture in Western Australia. Presenters will later be invited to contribute to an edited scholarly book.  Other speakers include Professor Baden Offord, Dr Katie Ellis, Dr Rachel Robertson and Dr Mike Kent.

To register or enquire about the Symposium, email


Public Lecture “Habitable Worlds: Disability, Technology, and Eugenics”

Friday 27 March 2015 from 4pm to 6pm 

JCIPP, Curtin University, Bentley

During her public lecture, “Habitable Worlds: Disability, Technology, and Eugenics”,  Garland-Thomson offers the premise that the shape of the material world we build and occupy together expresses and determines who inhabits it. To do this, she examines how we use technologies—from tools to stories–to make human communities.

To register for the talk, email