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RISC Conversation Series #3 with Simon Whitaker

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Management of Uncertainty is central to our industry – yet we are not very good at it.

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You’re invited to join our RISC Conversation Series seminar on Managing Uncertainty with Simon Whitaker.

Thursday 22 October 2015
5.30pm - 7.45pm
Tim Winton Lecture Theatre, Building 213:104
RISC Conversation Series

When formulating project costs, schedules and Field Development Plans we need to consider subsurface uncertainty (such as reserves assessment) and surface uncertainty (such as costs and schedule).

Are we able to manage some risks better than others? Are the same techniques applicable to managing subsurface and surface risks

In this seminar, Simon Whitaker, Partner, Facilities and Development Planning at RISC, will address these issues by:

  • Reviewing industry studies and RISC’s own research on project performance
  • Explore technical and non-technical reasons for poor field development planning
  • Suggest initiatives for appropriately identifying risks, managing the associated uncertainties and thus improving the overall performance of our industry

The RISC Conversation Series provides a forum for students to be exposed to thought leadership in the exploration and production sector, and to mix with industry professionals.

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About RISC

RISC is an independent oil and gas consultancy firm which has been working in partnership with companies for over 20 years, supporting their interests in the industry and offering a broad and innovative perspective on oil and gas projects around the world.

The RISC Group is comprised of highly experienced oil and gas consultants with complimentary core disciplines. All have held senior level positions at global oil and gas companies and combine to offer a wealth of deep industry experience covering the entire range of the oil and gas business life cycle.


About Simon Whitaker

Simon has a background in petroleum engineering including reservoir and production engineering, well evaluation and varied operational experience.

He spent the first part of his more than 30-year industry career working for companies such as Santos, BP, Ampolex and Mobil in Australia, Europe, North Africa and SE Asia.

Simon has spent the second part of his career consulting, and during this time has reviewed hundreds of upstream assets. This led Simon and his colleagues at RISC to wonder why field development and project outcomes are often so different to those envisaged at the time the project was approved.