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Seminar: The Value of Human Rights Education at University

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“Ideals carry no weight unless the people know them, unless the people understand them, unless people demand that they be lived.” (Eleanor Roosevelt).

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The Centre for Human Rights Education invite you to join them for a research seminar with Associate Professor Nina Burridge.

Friday 9 September 2016
2 pm - 3 pm
Building 221, Room 211, Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley
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(The above quote from Eleanor Roosevelt is cited in the Global Citizenship Commission Report, 2016, p.3).

A well educated, active citizenry is the primary aim of our education systems, whether at the school or tertiary level. An essential component of a well educated citizenry in a civil society is its understanding of the value of human rights and what it means to live with dignity in a community, where rights and freedoms are protected. This was the essential basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that Eleanor Roosevelt fought so hard to enact in 1948.

This presentation will focus on how we as academics, in our own distinct subjects, courses and faculties, encompass the mission of producing active global citizens for the common good. While this process obviously begins in the school system, the tertiary sector cannot neglect its responsibility for enabling young people to discuss and think critically about global issues, and for providing experiential opportunities for our tertiary students to live and operate in an increasingly globalised world. Tertiary education must combine the goal of producing ‘job ready’ graduates with the more complex goal of ensuring they are able to use their new found knowledge and skills to work for solutions to complex global problems that benefit not just the market but society in an equitable and just way.


Please email to register your attendance by Thursday 8 September 2016. Seats are strictly limited.
If you have any special requirements to enable you to participate at this event please advise when you RSVP. We will contact you to provide assistance.

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Parking is available in carpark D3. Please enter via the Kent Street entrance. You will need to register your vehicle in order to pay for parking.

Associate Professor Nina Burridge

Associate Professor Nina Burridge

Nina Burridge is an Associate Professor in the School of Education in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Her main research interests are underpinned by a rights framework encompassing principles of social justice and social inclusion and centre on issues such as cultural diversity, women’s empowerment, Indigenous education and human rights education in the context of a globalised world.  In 2012 she received the UTS Social Inclusion Award: For Sustained commitment to improving education and human rights for women in Australia and internationally.