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Curtin Corner Seminar Series: Small Business, The Law and Access To Justice – Issues and Challenges

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Small businesses operate in a world of laws, policies, regulations and statutory requirements, which is meant to provide them with both rights and responsibilities. But does our legal system work effectively in the business arena, especially when it comes to new start-up ventures, micro-firms, smaller-sized enterprises and the self-employed?

Event details

Curtin Corner seminar series are pleased to invite you to a seminar by Dr Michael Schaper, Deputy Chairperson, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

Friday 22 April 2016
4pm to 5pm, with refreshments to follow
Executive Briefing Centre (EBC) Bldg 100, Level 2, Curtin Bentley Campus
This is a free event but registrations are necessary for catering purposes.
Small Business, The Law and Access To Justice

This presentation examines the limited body of existing research knowledge into the interaction between SMEs, legal service providers and other aspects of the justice system. How frequently do small businesses use lawyers? What’s their perception of the legal profession? What disputes do businesses face, and how do they attempt to resolve them? These issues, and attempts to improve access to justice for small firms, will all be discussed.

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About the Speaker

Dr Michael Schaper

Dr Michael Schaper is Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the national agency responsible for enforcing the Competition and Consumer Act, Franchising Code of Conduct, and a number of other regulations that affect most aspects of day-to-day trade for Australian businesses. Michael’s work has a special focus on small business, franchising, engagement with the business community and liaison with industry associations. He is currently an Adjunct Professor with JCIPP, and in 2009 was named the COSBOA “national small business champion.”