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Winter 2011 [.pdf]

How do we assign names and meanings to things around us? Through stories which is what this issue is about. We look at the cultural and historical stories and significance behind Nyungar place names, at how new discoveries of fossil fish changes our story of how certain species behaved and evolved and the stories behind why our creative workers feel they have to move over East.

Summer 2010 [.pdf]

This issue discusses an array of practical solutions for particular problems. Our researchers are working on global navigation satellite technologies to help combat climate change, on the consumption of green tea to prevent urinary incontinence, residential programs to help people rehabilitate and recover from substance use and abuse, and using animations to communicate with passengers and commuters in busy transport hubs and stations.

Winter 2010 [.pdf]

We are looking at the future. From research into how to best safeguard our coastlines from climate change, to the new superfoods that we can introduce into our diet, it’s all in this issue. We also look at geothermal power and how our immigration policy needs to change to reflect the benefits that highly skilled migrants bring to Australian society and prosperity.

Summer 2009 [.pdf]

We need space. We need the space to roam so a new research project is working on increasing the access to recreational land. We need the space to answer big questions about the universe so researchers are working on the Square Kilometer Array bid to bring the largest radio astronomy project to Western Australia. And we need space to study all things mining and resource related so the Curtin Resources and Chemistry Precinct is now officially open.

Winter 2009 [.pdf]

In this issue we ponder how to increase diversity at the highest level of employment and decision making, how to make war memorials a more reflective, interactive and engaging experience for people, and how exactly to actually determine when cyanobacteria flourished and bloomed on Earth, kickstarting the first photosynthesis process.

Highlights 2008 [.pdf]

What have we been up to this year? We have been looking at diamonds trying to figure out just when life on Earth began. We have been exploring the South West – the only globally recognised biodiversity hotspot in Australia. And we have been looking at the tiniest things possible using nanotechnology. It’s been a busy year but we have summarised it all for you in this issue.

Winter 2008 [.pdf]

What is the connection between microbes and minerals? Can we bring the SKA to Australia? Can we better predict the gas to oil ratio prior to drilling? And why are large numbers of women relocating within China? We try to answer all these questions in this latest issue of R&D Now.