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Curtin attracts top agricultural talent

Media release

Curtin University of Technology has appointed leading agricultural researcher Professor Richard Oliver to its School of Agriculture and Environment.

He said he looked forward to joining Curtin and adding to the University’s strong agricultural focus.

“I plan to continue with my research, which is aimed at providing real benefits to the agricultural industry and rural communities,” he said.

One of Professor Oliver’s most successful research projects has helped to reduce the impact of two of Australia’s most important wheat diseases.

“Fungal infections cause millions of dollars in losses in broad acre agriculture throughout Australia each year,” he said.

“As a result of the research of my group and collaborators, we now have a good understanding of how the fungi that cause Stagonospora nodorum blotch and tan spot interacts with wheat.

“This has allowed us to provide wheat breeders with precise tools to select more resistant cultivars.”

Curtin’s Pro Vice-Chancellor for Science and Engineering, Professor Andris Stelbovics, said Professor Oliver’s appointment as Professor of Agriculture reaffirms Curtin’s commitment to world-leading agricultural research and education.

“We are very pleased to have Professor Oliver come on board and look forward to him sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with our students,” he said.

“Professor Oliver will help the University continue its strong history of providing the agricultural industry with high quality graduates and research outcomes.”