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Curtin Business students win PwC competition

Media release

Three Curtin Business School first year students have won the PwC Communication in Business 100 Presentation Competition, which took place in Perth on 3 July.

The award recognises excellence in communication skills within the business field and the competition was open to students enrolled in Curtin’s Business 100 unit.

Jemma McDonald, Erin Douglas and Katrina Ryan competed against approximately 1300 of their peers to win their share of the $2000 prize.  Each of the winners has also been offered an internship opportunity at a PwC Assessment Centre.

Annette Watkins, Course Coordinator and Lecturer in the School of Management explained the top eight groups of students were identified to compete in the competition following their final assessment in the unit.

“Students enrolled in the Communication in Business 100 unit worked in groups throughout the semester, and after their final assessments, the top eight groups of approximately 3-4 students each competed in the final round of the competition at PwC,” Ms Watkins said.

“The groups had to each provide a 15-minute presentation on their views of Australian business and what they need to do to be a participant in the ‘Asian Century’.

“All of the participants in the final rounds of the competition were well-informed on contemporary business issues, understood the fundamental importance of communicating well in the workplace and the necessity to be passionate about their ideas.”