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Curtin course offers an innovative course to pharmacists

Media release


A unique and innovative course at Curtin University will offer accreditation for registered pharmacists in Medication and Disease State Management.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Medication and Disease State Management course is the first of its kind in Australia; it is open to all Australian registered pharmacists with at least two years experience.

The course aims to help address the increased burden of chronic disease on the health system by qualifying pharmacists to assist patients with the management of chronic diseases. The course is recognised by the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy, and will be run fully online to accommodate existing work schedules.

According to Professor Jeff Hughes of the School of Pharmacy, the new course is a step towards alleviating pressure on an increasingly burdened health system.

“Australia has an ageing population, and chronic diseases associated with ageing will continue to increase pressure on the health system,” Professor Hughes said.

“This course gives pharmacists the opportunity to upskill and specialise in chronic disease management.

“By transferring some of that patient contact time to skilled pharmacists, we can assist GPs in their management of patients with ongoing conditions.

“Pharmacists who complete this course will be able to educate patients in self-management of their chronic disease state, review their progress and assist in developing disease management plans, which would include drug and non-drug therapies.”

The course will offer units in geriatric pharmacotherapy, medication management review and disease state management.

The course, available full-time or part-time will also contribute, in part, credits towards the Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacy (Hospital Pharmacy) and the Master of Clinical Pharmacy courses.


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