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Curtin developed security software now being used globally

Media release

unspecifiedCurtin University researchers have developed algorithms which form the basis of video analytics software designed to improve the effectiveness of live monitored video surveillance installations. This technology is now being used in security control centres globally.

Researchers from Curtin’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computing worked to build the foundation of the ‘intelligent’ surveillance networks which are now sold by iCetana Pty Ltd; a company established on technology developed at Curtin University.

Mr Rohan McDougall, Curtin’s Director IP Commercialisation, said the technology had been implemented on a number of university campuses around Australia, including Curtin University, as well as public transport hubs, city surveillance and in large shopping mall environments.

“iCetana’s next generation monitoring solution has been adopted by organisations that have extensive video surveillance installations. It is currently deployed in more than 10 countries monitoring over 10,000 camera streams,” Mr McDougall said.

“The software automatically monitors all surveillance cameras 24/7, constantly learning and adapting to changing scenes. It identifies and highlights to operators only the abnormal events, allowing them to assess and action security, operational, and safety events in real-time.

“This mode of operating proactively enables immediate and direct action to minimise risks and prevent incidents from escalating,” he said.

The technology is also being used to help manage the University’s large Bentley campus site and alert the security team to events other than traditional security incidents.

Professor Deborah Terry, Curtin Vice-Chancellor, said she was pleased Curtin technology was being employed in campus operations.

“A secure campus provides a strong base for community engagement,” Professor Terry said.

“We are very proud of the fact that a product developed by Curtin researchers is now not only helping us on our campus, but is also being used globally.

“We will continue to look at ways that the latest technology developed at Curtin, or elsewhere, can be employed to improve our campus and the experience of staff, students and visitors.”

Initial development of the software was funded by Curtin and Western Australian venture capital group, Yuuwa Capital.

Notes to editor –

Curtin is a shareholder in iCetana.