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Curtin fostering tomorrow’s leaders

Media release


22 July 2008

Rotary Clubs in Western Australia are supporting the John Curtin Leadership Academy (JCLA) because it is addressing one of the major problems facing employers of university graduates – their readiness for entry into the workforce – according to Rotary District Governor Sue Rowell.

Ms Rowell, who spent 30 years in the Health industry in Perth, says she has been increasingly concerned over the past 10 years that graduates, while well prepared academically, were not work ready.

“I am really pleased that Curtin is doing something about this through the JCLA and hopefully other universities in WA will follow suit,” Ms Rowell said.

The decision by Rotary to provide mentors as well as financially supporting the JCLA projects was welcomed by Mr Bill Richardson, who chairs a high powered committee advising Curtin about the JCLA.  Mr Richardson, founder of Jesters Jaffle Pies, said that the program will prepare graduates for successful entry into the workforce.

The JCLA was launched at Curtin’s Bentley Campus in April 2007 and is a leadership development program for community minded university students.

Now the JCLA is heading overseas, as later this month students at the Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus in East Malaysia will also be able to develop their leadership abilities through the launch of JCLA.

Dr Ian Fairnie, Director of Campus and Community Life at Curtin said the program will go a long way towards Curtin’s promise of enhancing the student experience.

“I am delighted to see the program being introduced in Malaysia as it confirms that we have created a program meeting the needs of business and the wider community,” Dr Fairnie said.

JCLA Director Jarrad Brown said that the Academy has been set up to honour John Curtin and instil participants with his three core values of vision, leadership and community service.

“It will teach participants how to convey their leadership skills and how to use them in the development of a campus club or society.  It will also assist the participants in securing the employment of their choice,” Mr Brown said.

The JCLA is a year long program, consisting of workshops, seminars and two semester long projects. One project will teach fundraising, relationship building and networking skills.

The other project will focus on developing students’ work ethic and business acumen, along with other skills such as project and conflict management, presentation and communication skills and entrepreneurship.

The Malaysian version will be launched at the Marriott Hotel in Miri, on Wednesday July 23 by Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak, Datuk Dr George Chan Hong Nam and the inaugural participants will begin the four day Foundations of Leadership workshop the following day.

Modified: 25 July 2008