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Curtin graduate scores top UK scholarships

Media release

Curtin University of Technology graduate Adrian Murdock has been awarded two of the most prestigious scholarships available in the UK, the Commonwealth Scholarship and the Clarendon Research Scholarship.

With a combined value of $250,000, the scholarships will enable Mr Murdock to study at the University of Oxford for three years while completing a DPhil in Materials. During his studies Mr Murdock will work alongside some of the world’s best scientists in the fast paced field of nanotechnology.

“This is an amazing opportunity,” he said.

“The UK is one of the best places in the world to be studying nanotechnology at the moment. The experiences I will have at Oxford are sure to influence the direction of my career.

“My research project aims to produce carbon nanotubes with a uniform structure. It’s a major problem that needs solving, in order for the amazing properties of carbon nanotubes to be realised in future technological applications.”

Nanotubes, with unrivalled strength and amazing conductivity, have a number of potential uses in areas as diverse as construction, aerospace engineering, electronics and medical activities.

“I will be working with state-of-the-art facilities and the brightest researchers in the field, with my supervisor having worked with a Nobel Prize winner.”

The project also provides the opportunity for six months travel and research in Japan.

Mr Murdock puts his success down to the positive influence his family, friends and teachers have had along the way.

“I think the people around you, especially during your childhood and schooling years, really impact on the type of person you become.”

While at Curtin, Mr Murdock was involved with Curtin Volunteers, contributing to activities designed to help the wider community.

“Curtin Volunteers greatly enriched my time at university and built on the solid foundations that my parents gave me. I now feel prepared to take on the world.”

For Mr Murdock’s Honours Supervisor, Professor Mark Ogden, this success comes as no surprise.

“He is one of the most outstanding students I have had the pleasure of supervising during my years at Curtin,” he said.

“Not only is he intelligent and hardworking, he is also a person of broad interests. This really sets him apart, and will make sure he goes far in life.

“I will be watching his future career with great interest.”