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Curtin health research institute appoints Professor of Health Innovation

Media release


17 June 2008

Professor Moyez Jiwa has been appointed as the first of five Professors of Health Innovation with Curtin University of Technology’s new and innovative health research institute.

Professor Jiwa assumed the role of Professor of Health Innovation in Chronic Disease from mid June 2008. He was formerly a Professor of Primary Care at Curtin and also the Co-Director of the Western Australian Centre for Cancer and Palliative Care (WACCPC), a joint partnership between Curtin and Edith Cowan University.

Led by Professor Jiwa, the key portfolio area of Chronic Disease under the health research institute will target chronic diseases through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, and nutritional strategies, and new evidence-based models of care for the prediction, prevention and management of chronic disease.

Efforts will also be focused on the development of diagnostic tools, in particular predictive modelling techniques, novel biomarkers and innovative imaging techniques, as well as innovations in therapeutic drug development and delivery.

Curtin’s Pro Vice-Chancellor of Health Sciences, Professor Jill Downie, highlighted the significant strengths Professor Jiwa brings to his new role.

“Professor Jiwa has had a strong background in clinical practice, research and innovation and these qualities will greatly benefit the work of the health institute,” Professor Downie said.

“The institute will be focused on developing effective, sustainable health delivery models for the future and we need professionals with the vision and determination to embrace these challenges boldly.”

Other key portfolio areas of the health research institute include mental health, indigenous health and ageing. Professors of Health Innovation will also be appointed in these areas.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s recent estimate puts recurrent expenditure on various chronic diseases and conditions at about $49 billion in 2000-2001.

Professor Jiwa is eager to begin his new role at the health institute.

“Curtin’s new institute will pave the way with a bold, integrated and relevant approach to tackling the ever increasing issues related to health care in Australia, and I am extremely excited to be a part of a team that will take on these issues,” Professor Jiwa said.

Professor Jiwa has substantial experience as a full-time clinician. He is widely published and is also the Chief Investigator on several State wide projects, including a study on photoageing as an anti-smoking intervention that has important implications for health promotion.  It is targeted at young people who are at a crucial stage in adopting unhealthy behaviours.

As lead investigator, Professor Jiwa has undertaken research into the further refinement of interactive referral pro formas for use in general practice. This research will inform policy supporting the role of the general practitioner in cancer care, and also add to the literature on how information technology can assist the clinician to improve outcomes for patients in other fields.

He is also particularly interested in evaluating the scope and expanding the role of different members of the primary care team in cancer care, including GPs, community pharmacists, allied health care professionals, hospital-based therapists, Indigenous health workers and nurses.

Modified: 17 June 2008