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Curtin leads funky food van phenomena: STM Cover Story

Media release

The big buzz in the food industry is the trend towards meals on wheels – literally. Roadside trucks are increasingly plying foodies with creative, exotic and interesting fare.

One of the Park'd food vans

STM Cover story by: Fleur Bainger: VAN GO

[The food truck scene in Perth is in its infancy. Curtin University is the first space to regularly host food trucks, trialling them for six months on part of a campus activation plan. 

“It was about creating an atmosphere and an environment: says Annette Hasluck from Place Match, the company Curtin engaged to reinvigorate the campus. Hasluck says 13 mobile food outlets – trucks, vans and trailers – were invited to take part in the Park’d trial, operating on different days and clustering in different hot spots around the campus.

Three months in and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with 91 per cent of the 400 people surveyed a fortnight ago saying they wanted the food trucks to stay.

The dietary make-up of food on offer by the chosen trucks was carefully considered – and deep-fried, artery-cloggers were definitely out!

“We wanted healthy options so there are gluten free and vegetarian options and it also has to be easy access student meals, and price pointed so it is affordable,” Hasluck said…]

Excerpt ends…

Curtin is clearly leading the way in this exciting new wave with many local councils, including the City of Perth and the City of Fremantle, interested in embracing the food truck phenomena. The Park’d initiative is part of Curtin’s Place Activation Plan.