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Curtin program supports business switch to wireless technology

Media release

Businesses seeking to harness data science by building wireless networks that run their operations more efficiently will be able to access all the tools they need as part of a new Curtin University program.

Run in partnership with IT and networking company Cisco and Innovation Central Perth, the Wireless Industrial Sensor Environment (WISE) program will enable organisations to develop best practices for capturing, transporting, visualising and analysing data.

Curtin University Research Partnerships Director Mr Paul Nicholls said the WISE program would help industry evaluate new cost-effective sensor technologies to capitalise on the shift to wireless technology.

“The digitisation of the physical world is accelerating with the proliferation of low-cost, battery-powered wireless sensors across all industries, particularly the resources, oil and gas, utilities, chemical and fertiliser manufacturing sectors,” Mr Nicholls said.

“These sensors enable organisations to significantly change the way they operate and manage their businesses and the WISE program will bring together all the areas of expertise required to ensure industry can make use of the efficiencies the latest technological advances offer. By building the WISE platform on the campus, we are providing industry a safe environment to trial these technologies before deployment in operational environments.”

Curtin University Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Professor Chris Moran said the WISE program also gave organisations access to Innovation Central Perth experts that can help identify the most appropriate sensors, connectivity and analytics technology stacks to address their challenges.

“Innovation Central is investing millions of dollars in building end-to-end Internet of Things technology stacks, while also allowing organisations to test and validate their own sensors as well as the most appropriate technology architectures for their businesses,” Professor Moran said.

“By bringing the research and technical expertise together, the WISE program will also give industry access to subject matter experts in both the technology and data science domains to accelerate the roll out of this important technology throughout their operations.”

Cisco Australia’s Innovation Centre General Manager Tom Goerke said Cisco was keen to show how rapid changes in technology can solve real world problems while ensuring a secure and scalable environment.

“WISE will provide our customers with the ability to rapidly prototype on a test bed that includes sensors, multiple access technologies, data fabric, data visualisations as well as a range of analytic platforms that will accelerate their understanding of what is possible,” Mr Goerke said.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the WISE Program should contact: