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Curtin research to help with national data security

Media release

A Curtin University researcher has been awarded a $50,000 Commercialisation Australia Skills and Knowledge Grant to develop a business plan for a powerful and innovative data cleansing technology.

Research Fellow, Dr Fedja Hadzic, has created the Data Quality and Integrity Toolkit, an original and holistic approach to data quality assurance that allows government and private organisations to identify and prevent sources of database contamination.

Dr Hadzic said the software cleaned-up the duplications and errors that could prove to be a major issue when found in highly sensitive databases belonging to government and large corporations.

“Data quality management software tools are typically designed to evaluate and cleanse data to improve the integrity of sensitive enterprise information,” Dr Hadzic said.

“Areas where data quality is of major concern include finance, crime, national security and personal safety. For example, in the health industry, duplicate patient records may contain inconsistent allergic specific details, potentially leading to medication errors and serious personal injuries.

“This software combines powerful data cleansing techniques that provide an increased accuracy for the cleaning and prevention of duplications and re-pollution of databases, without the need for continual manual intervention.”

Dr Hadzic said the software’s capabilities provided the critical steps to ensure the maintenance of long-term database integrity.

“With the aid of the data quality and integrity toolkit, organisations are better able to identify and resolve the sources of a range of data problems,” he said.

“The software also makes use of automated, efficient and scalable event log analysis methods to extract knowledge patterns revealing all-embracing characteristics of business processes.

“This sort of process management allows organisations to control and structure their data and business work-flow more effectively.”

Curtin Director of IP Commercialisation, Rohan McDougall, said the grant would help to support the building of a strong business case around the technology, comprising a product development plan, market analysis, intellectual property strategy, costing and pricing modelling and sales forecasts in order to help secure commercialisation partners.

“We will work with Dr Hadzic to develop a comprehensive business plan to attract the additional investment necessary for full commercialisation of the Data Quality and Integrity Toolkit,” he said.

“A critical part of this Skills and Knowledge Grant expenditure will be used to find a commercial partner, to help develop and commercialise the technology.”

The Commercialisation Australia Skills and Knowledge Grant was secured with the help of Mr McDougall and Curtin IP Commercialisation specialist Kate Davidson.


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Dr Fedja Hadzic, Research Fellow, Curtin University