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Curtin researcher honoured for helping to feed the world

Media release

A Curtin University of Technology researcher has received a prestigious award for building food production capacity in the developing world.

Associate Professor Ravi Fotedar, of Curtin’s Department of Environment and Agriculture, has been named a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology.

He was recognised for his work assisting fish farmers improve aquaculture productivity in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Associate Professor Fotedar said he would like to build stronger links with the Indian aquaculture sector.

“In a world of increasing population and limited food supplies, it is important that we share the sustainable food production techniques used in developed economies,” he said.

“India has the second largest aquaculture industry in the world, but its production is based on just a few species.

“With our help, it can be greatly improved and diversified to cater for a global market.”

Working with rural coastal communities in the country’s south-east region, Associate Professor Fotedar aims to make aquaculture more environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and productive.

“These are generally economically poor regions in a developing country,” he said.

“What is produced from these aquaculture businesses is generally not consumed locally, but sold to businesses based elsewhere; as the locals can not afford the luxury of the seafood they farm.

“With improved efficiency, aquaculture can become a major income earner for many Indian coastal communities, benefiting the lives of millions of people.”

Associate Professor Fotedar said he had lived and travelled extensively in the south of India and was keen to help the local communities.

“It would be very rewarding if my work could make the lives of the people that live there just a little better,” he said.

He hopes to build a lasting relationship between Curtin’s Department of Environment and Agriculture and the Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai.
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