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Curtin steps up research excellence

Media release

The Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2012 results have shown Curtin University’s research quality increased significantly from the 2010 results, with the proportion of research disciplines judged world standard and above rising by 35 per cent.
ERA is an assessment system that evaluates the quality of research conducted at Australian universities, by discipline.

Of the 49 discipline areas under which Curtin was assessed, 71 per cent were judged as being at or above the world standard for research in that discipline, with earth science disciplines such as geology and geochemistry showing outstanding performances at the maximum rating of five.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Jeanette Hacket said the results demonstrate that Curtin is establishing itself as a world class research intensive university.

“The increase in disciplines ranked as not just world standard, but above world standard is testament to the recent research appointments and improvements in quality of research outcomes,” she said.

“We are pleased our commitment to undertaking quality research that is relevant to industry and the wider community is reflected in this assessment system.

“Our earth science disciplines have always been well above the world standard, but it is great to see other areas such as psychology, chemical engineering and urban and regional planning move into above world standard status.”

Other disciplines which are ranked above world standard include: environmental science and management, mechanical engineering, geophysics, human movement and sports science, paediatrics and reproductive medicine, pharmacology and pharmaceutical science, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry and cultural studies.

The Australian Technology Network (ATN) which Curtin is part of, also performed extremely well as a cohort under the ERA 2012, with 84 per cent of its discipline areas being judged as at or above world standard. 

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