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Curtin study to influence future aged home care in Australia

Media release

Curtin University has secured funding for a study that will allow aged care policy makers across Australia to design more effective aged care systems.

The Centre for Research on Ageing (CRA), part of the Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI) at Curtin, has been given a $96,000 grant to establish the long-term outcomes of restorative home care services provided by Silver Chain, one of Western Australia’s largest home care providers.

The study by a CRA senior research fellow will determine whether older people who have regained their independence by participating in one of the Silver Chain programs over a period of five years, have a reduced need for aged care services.

Professor Gill Lewin, Professor of Ageing at CRA, said the aim of such programs was to help older people to regain or retain their independence.

“There is now strong evidence that these programs work in the short-term but there is a gap in evidence to show if they work in the longer term, and whether older people return later to need ongoing aged care services,” Professor Lewin said.

“Victoria and Western Australia have promoted the adoption of restorative home care models for aged care services and NSW is currently funding four pilot programs. But the Commonwealth is still waiting for definitive evidence of their long-term effectiveness – this study will provide that evidence.”

The study will take 12 months to complete. Outcomes are being measured in terms of use of home care and other aged services where fewer services equate to increased independence.

Silver Chain has been running restorative home care programs in metropolitan Perth since 2001, with more than 12,000 older people using one of its services.

In addition to ongoing partnerships with Silver Chain and Alzheimer’s Australia WA, CRA works with other aged care and community based organisations on high quality research projects that contribute to the health and wellbeing of older people.

CRA was established in 2000 as the centrepiece of Curtin’s commitment to healthy ageing, aged care services and dementia. CRA undertakes high quality research that affects policy and practice which enables older people to maintain capacity, live healthy and independent lives and to access appropriate services when needed.

This is achieved through collaboration with a number of industry partners and researchers throughout Australia.

The $96,000 grant was secured via Perpetual Philanthropic Services.


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