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Doing good with a good night out

Media release

Combining a good night out with fundraising, the recent BnS Ball held near Curtin University of Technology’s Muresk Campus has been hailed a success.

Curtin Muresk Inseminators BnS Ball Committee President Rowan Tindal said almost 2,000 guests attended and it was one of the best balls hosted at Muresk in recent years.

“The turnout was great, with nearly half of the attendees coming from the city,” he said.

The good turnout has also meant that money has been raised to support a number of worthy causes.

“This year we want to do something a little different with the money we’ve raised,” Mr Tindal said.

“Normally we give the money to a single organisation, but this year we would like community groups to approach us and we will distribute the funds to several groups.

“We hope that this way, we will have more direct involvement in the way the money we have raised is distributed, and we will be more connected to the process.

“We welcome submissions from any groups that would like to use these funds for a worthy cause.”

Submissions can be sent to: The President, Inseminators BnS Ball Committee, PO Box 650, Northam, WA, 6401.