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Free Curtin Research Rumble events to inspire ‘thinking with researchers’

Media release

The annual Research Rumble is back this month with a week-long display of the most innovative and impactful research being developed at Curtin University to help tackle some of the world’s greatest problems and challenges.

Between 19 April and 23 April, people can immerse themselves in a range of free research events covering topics such as Virtual Reality (VR), the impact of our digital media age, our Indigenous history as viewed from a unique perspective and what is being done to save our endangered animal species.

Curtin University Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Professor Chris Moran said Research Rumble aims to make Curtin’s research accessible to the world and to inspire future generations.

“It’s great to showcase what we are doing, to allow participants to learn from key researchers and engage by discussing ideas and asking challenging questions,” Professor Moran said.

“This year’s Research Rumble has a focus on digital technology, so events are relatable, especially to a younger audience.

“We believe that through education and showcasing the expertise and personalities of our researchers, we can encourage ‘thinking with researchers’ as a way to solve problems in an ever-changing world.”

One of Research Rumble’s many online events, ‘Promises and pitfalls of the influencer industry’ will explore how young people are vocationally pursuing celebrity on the internet by becoming commercial, cross-platform, and highly relatable influencers.

Another project being showcased uses the internet to deliver world-wide mental health programs, with the ‘Talk to Me’ program having been found to improve mental health in young adults. To date, the course has reached over 40,000 registrants.

Visitors to Research Rumble can also learn about cutting-edge molecular simulation methods being used to freeze and conserve the world’s increasing number of endangered animal species.

Sessions are online and in person at venues across Perth, including the newly opened WA Museum Boorla Bardip as well as Curtin St Georges Terrace, Perth Children’s Hospital and the Legacy Living Lab in Fremantle.

To sign up, or for more information, head to Curtin University’s website.