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Global challenges addressed in Curtin’s latest MOOC

Media release

Online learners from around the globe will help address the world’s challenge of feeding, educating and employing our growing population in Curtin University’s latest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

This self-paced MOOC, titled Globalisation and Sustainable Development, is delivered through Curtin University’s School of Management and consists of four modules that will help learners further explore the potential links between globalisation and sustainable development.

Course Coordinator Dr Subas Dhakal, from the School of Management at Curtin University, said the course offers theoretical and real-world insights into how globalisation can be used as a pathway for sustainable development.

“The world’s population, which is currently seven billion people, is expected to reach 10 billion by the end of the century, and this raises important questions as to how to we are going to feed, educate and generate job opportunities for the growing population,” Dr Dhakal said.

“Global environmental changes mean that developing countries such as Bangladesh are some of the most vulnerable places in the world and the possibility of global solutions to local challenges in these countries is much more realistic with globalisation.”

Through readings, videos, discussions and interactive learning activities, participants will have the opportunity to share and address current globalisation challenges and become part of a global learning and action community.

Participants will learn about the basic underpinnings of globalisation and sustainable development concepts, the state of the globalised world, the elements of the sustainability framework, the status of the sustainable development goals in various countries, and different sustainable development initiatives that have evolved from globalisation.

Curtin University Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Professor Jill Downie said learners from across the globe with a passion for implementing and influencing change will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Curtin’s latest MOOC.

“In the current education market, it is important to ensure that education is accessible to all, and Curtin has become a strong leader in this space by offering various MOOCs to a global online audience,” Professor Downie said.

“This new MOOC will allow passionate learners to provide input and knowledge on important issues including the environment, culture, national government, economic development and human well-being in countries around the world.”

For further information or to enrol in the Globalisation and Sustainable Development MOOC visit,