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Haydn Williams Fellowship recipient a leader in cerebral palsy research

Media release

Curtin University has awarded the 2015 Haydn Williams Fellowship to an international research leader whose focus is on measuring the movement of children with cerebral palsy.

Professor Roslyn Boyd, Scientific Director of the Queensland Cerebral Palsy and Rehabilitation Research Centre, has been awarded the Fellowship, which is given annually to an academic of outstanding international reputation and broad academic interest.

Professor Graeme Wright, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research & Development, said the awarding of the Fellowship to Professor Boyd will help build Curtin’s engagement with the wider academic community and develop stronger links to industry.

“Professor Boyd is part of a very comprehensive team of neuroimaging experts who are leading world research in neuroimaging of the developing brain, focusing on understanding the nature of cerebral lesions associated with cerebral palsy,” Professor Wright said.

“Professor Boyd is currently linked to Curtin University through research being undertaken within the Faculty of Health Sciences and is involved with Curtin’s collaboration with Child and Adolescent Health Services, led by the Chair of Allied Health, Catherine Elliot.”

Professor Boyd has been documenting outcomes for novel rehabilitative interventional approaches for children with cerebral palsy.
Professor Boyd said she was honoured to receive the 2015 Haydn Williams Fellowship.

“I am looking forward to working more closely with Curtin to build our new collaborations on novel early interventions to optimise neuroplasticity in infants with cerebral palsy,” Professor Boyd said.

As part of the Fellowship, Professor Boyd will present a public lecture at Curtin, offer specialist seminars and workshops and engage with members of the Curtin research and teaching community.

Further information on the Haydn Williams Fellowship can be found at