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Honorary Doctorate recognises leader in science and education

Media release

Emeritus Professor Michael McManus has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science by Curtin University, in recognition of his substantial contribution to science and education.

Professor McManus who has held several senior academic positions at the University of Queensland, graduated in Pharmacy from the Western Australian Institute of Technology in 1972 and completed his PhD in biochemical pharmacology at the University of Western Australia in 1978.

Curtin University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Deborah Terry, said Professor McManus had a distinguished record of service to science and the broader community, which had been recognised by professional societies.

“His scientific research was particularly influential through the 1980s and 1990s, contributing to the understanding and characterisation of drug metabolising enzymes, including the relationship of selected enzymes to carcinogenic processes,” Professor Terry said.

“Professor McManus was a member of a WHO Working Group on the evaluation of carcinogenic risks to humans and has served in leadership roles of peak professional organisations.

“He provided significant input into the Queensland Ministerial Council’s ‘STEM 2020: Foundations for the Future’ plan for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education for schools.”

Professor Terry said Professor McManus had also made a significant contribution in senior academic roles.

“A notable achievement during his tenure as Dean of Academic Programs at the University of Queensland was the development of academic programs in a range of extra-curricular areas and his leadership in internationalisation of tertiary education. He was also responsible for embedding indigenous perspectives into curricula and strengthening the pathway from secondary school to university.

“He has been chair of the Queensland Australian-American Fulbright Awards Committee, a member of the Federal Minister of Education’s Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Higher Education Advisory Council and a member of the Queensland Studies Authority Curriculum Committee.”

Professor Terry said Professor McManus had left a legacy of enhancements in science and education that would positively impact on generations of people who strive for improved knowledge in their fields of interest.