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Julia Gillard appointed Patron of John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library

Media release

Former Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been appointed as the Patron of Curtin University’s John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library (JCPML).

Ms Gillard follows in the footsteps of Paul Keating (2009 – 2014) and Foundation Patron Gough Whitlam (1998 – 2008).

The JCPML was established at Curtin’s Bentley Campus, Perth in 1998 in recognition of war time Prime Minister John Curtin’s contribution to the nation.

Curtin University Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry said the University was honoured that Australia’s first female Prime Minister had accepted the position of JCPML Patron.

“The JCPML Patron has traditionally been a former Labor Prime Minister, and we are delighted Ms Gillard will carry on this tradition,” Professor Terry said.

“Education has always been a priority for Ms Gillard and during her time as Education Minister and Prime Minister she visited Curtin on several occasions, so we are very pleased this relationship will continue.”

The role of Patron includes providing advice and support for JCPML activities including the annual Anniversary Lecture, which is held to commemorate the passing of John Curtin on 5 July 1945. A number of high-profile political leaders have delivered the lecture including Gough Whitlam, Paul Keating, Malcolm Fraser and Kim Beazley.

The Hon Julia Gillard said; “John Curtin is one of our most revered Prime Ministers. He showed the fortitude to see us through the Second World War and the foresight to understand Australia’s need to have a true strategic and defence alliance with the United States. I have long admired the man, his courage, his commitment and how he served as Prime Minister. It is therefore an honour to be associated with the vibrant and enduring history that is the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library.”

Ms Gillard was sworn in as the 27th Prime Minister of Australia on 24 June 2010 and served until June 2013.

She is the chair of the Global Partnership for Education, a leading organisation dedicated to expanding access and quality education worldwide. She also serves as an Honorary Professor at the University of Adelaide.

The JCPML was the first prime ministerial library to be established in Australia and aims to advance knowledge and enrich culture by providing a focus for research and for educational programs that engage the community.

The JCPML focuses on building the archival collection relating to John Curtin, and the events and people most closely connected to his life.

Further information about JCPML can be found here.